12 Psychology Strategies For Staying On Course

arm toning psychology strategies Exercise, nutrition and supplementation are not always the rate-limiting factors for women trying to get sculpted arms. It’s quite common for their mental game-plan to sabotage all progress.

So today I will be discussing 12 psychological strategies that have helped many of our customers throughout their sexy arm journey:

1. Focus on the process, not the results. If you weigh yourself every day and if you take measurements of your arms every day, you’re in for an emotional roller coaster ride. Both measurements can change from day to day. And if your emotions are going up and down, you’re more likely to go astray. Instead, focus on the process or the habits you need to inject into your daily routine to reach your sexy arm goal.

2. Persist patiently. Not everything comes rapid and easy. If you expect to lose 40lbs of fat in a couple of days, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. While you can get accelerated results with the right approach, the female body still has limits.

3. Don’t assume the negative, it leads to procrastination. If you assume that your workout will be boring and painful, for example, you are more likely to postpone it. On the other hand, if you ignore all assumptions and simply start exercising, you may find that the workout is more enjoyable than you previously thought.

4. Give yourself positive compliments for every single victory, no matter how small. I know this sounds cheesy, but it works. The highest performers in every discipline have one thing in common: the ability to manufacture optimism on demand.

5. Use a fat fresh carrot to motivate yourself, not a whip. Don’t focus on the negative of not doing, instead focus on the positive of doing. If you use a whip to motivate yourself, it will eventually break your will. If you use a carrot, however, your positivity will remain constant because you are chasing something you want.

6. Adopt a scientific attitude when you mess up. Assess the situational or environmental factors that led to the misbehavior and make sure to avoid them in the future. But never assign yourself a label (i.e., loser, slob, pig) because it will crush you sense of self-efficacy.

7. Use action to produce motivation. There will be times when you are simply not motivated to do anything. This is normal. To counteract this, simply start going through the motions and the motivation will come back. Action generates motivation even when there is little motivation to begin with.

8. Do not doubt yourself when being criticized. If someone is criticizing some element of your routine, deconstruct the criticism. If you define the specific components of the criticism, 99% of the time you’ll notice that there is little substance. You see, most criticisms from armchair critics are based on undefined (and incorrect) assumptions.

9. Only use anger for short bursts of activity. If getting angry allows you to have a superb workout then by all means use it. But you have to contain the anger to the workout only. If you are constantly angry and frustrated, your mission to get toned arms will suffer. Chronic anger triggers a wide range of biological reactions that are not good for your goal.

10. Become a non-perfectionist, lower your standards. Ironically, non-perfectionists are more successful than perfectionists – they simply keep on making progress without getting bogged down with minutiae. Avoid trying to perfect every single little detail before taking action.

11. Set strict deadlines for all goals. Even if the deadlines are artificial, you have to use them. Without a deadline, your sexy arm goal will never become a reality. We have been conditioned by society to respond to deadlines. Use this conditioned behavior to your advantage.

12. Repeatedly expose yourself to what you fear. If there is something about your program that scares you or makes you uncomfortable, expose yourself to it again and again. Eventually, you will become desensitized.

Learning how to master the inner workings of your mind is absolutely critical if you want to stay on course. So don’t let yourself become another statistic and implement these strategies!

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i have big arms that i really dont like because i cant wear certain dresses


Sleeveless in 7!

Hi Mamwenus,

I know how you feel… But make sure you keep on moving forward and don’t get discouraged!

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