3 Arm-Toning Myths

arm toning mythsLearning how to lose arm fat and getting rid of flabby arms can be very difficult, if not impossible, if you don’t know what you’re doing. And many women do get confused because of all the information out there.

Just do a google search for “arm-toning” and you’ll see how many savvy marketers are flooding the internet with endless programs and strategies. Most women do not have the time or patience to figure out which sources of information are reliable.

And if you simply buy every new product or program that comes out, it can become expensive and demoralizing when you don’t get results.

So in an effort to make things a little easier on you and to clear up some confusion, here are some common misconceptions about arm-toning:

  • Genetics have doomed you to flabby arms. While genetics do play a limited role in how your arms look, they are not the end all be all. A targeted arm toning program and precise nutrition will cause your arms to change at the cellular level. In other words, you can force your arms to burn fat cells and create toned muscle cells.

And don’t think that muscle will make your arms bigger. Burning fat cells and building muscle cells will actually make your arms smaller. You see, a fat cell is much bigger than a muscle cell. Plus, you will never be able to get the toned, sexy arm look unless you have a bare minimum amount of muscle. You can change your arms no matter what type of genetics you have!

  • A low-fat diet is best. A low-fat diet is the last thing you want. It will reduce your arm fat burning hormones by up to 30% and increase the digestion rate of whatever you eat. An increased digestion rate will give you the infamous “sugar spike.” Even worse, sugar spikes will increase the amount of nutrients that get shuffled to your fat cells. The conclusion: decreasing fat in your diet, increases fat in your arms.
  • Doing lots of cardio burns arm fat. Up until a certain point because lots of cardio increases a hormone called cortisol. It can also interfere with your resistance training workouts which are the most important part of an arm-toning program.

So here we have 3 common misconceptions about arm-toning that you now know to avoid. And make sure you check out our comprehensive guide if you would like to learn more about getting toned arms.

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