6 Brutally Simple Ways To Get More Anti-Oxidants In Your Diet

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Anti-oxidants aren’t just for anti-aging, they are also for accelerated recovery from arm toning exercise. And if you can exercise more frequently you will burn more calories. And if you can burn more calories, you will you lose fat and get toned much quicker.

So here are 6 brutally simple ways to get more anti-oxidants in your diet:

1. Begin having loose leaf green tea every morning instead of coffee: Not only do you get the anti-oxidants, but you also get the following:

a. No dry mouth.

b. No upset stomach.

c. Enhanced mood.

d. Enhanced blood flow.

e. No energy crashes.

And don’t be tempted to have bagged tea, it’s far inferior to loose leaf tea.

2. Substitute your cassia cinnamon with true cinnamon: Cassia cinnamon is the type most commonly found in grocery stores. The sticks are thin and hollow. True cinnamon, on the other hand, also called Ceylon cinnamon, has thicker sticks with multiple inner folds (like a cigar).

And not only does true cinnamon taste better, but it has much higher nutritional value. I personally prefer to put a stick of true cinnamon in my green tea every morning.

3. Take a LOW DOSE multi-vitamin supplement: Do not assume that taking vitamins with mega doses of nutrients is healthy for you, it’s not. You are far better off taking a multi-vitamin that has no more than 100% daily value for any given nutrient.

Remember that you are taking a multi-vitamin as insurance against any potential deficiency. And the bulk of your nutrition is going to come from whole food-the most absorbable and effective form of vitamins and minerals.

4. Substitute your standard lettuce with “other” leafy greens: The more the merrier here since nutrient interactions between wide varieties of foods are the true key to maximum health. Some excellent leafy greens (with much more nutrition than lettuce) that aren’t too hard to get used to are:

a. Kale

b. Chard

c. Spinach

5. Begin experimenting with turmeric: Another anti-oxidant powerhouse, turmeric has a mild flavor and combines very well with many dishes. I recommend using it in recipes with chicken and in recipes with chili. Just make sure you don’t spill it since it can stain with its yellowish color.

6. Drop some cloves in your green tea: Cloves have a strong flavor and aren’t the easiest thing to incorporate. I’ve found that putting them in green tea is a stealthy way to get them in my diet. If the clove flavor is too strong for you, consider adding in some peppermint to mask it.

Anti-oxidants aren’t just for the life extensionists, they are also for women who wish to further enhance their physique goals. So start following these tips today!

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