6 Steps Towards Less Knee Pain So You Can Exercise Harder And Move More

female knee pain

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Knee pain that comes and goes is extremely debilitating because not only does it hurt, but it can make you paranoid about what you should and shouldn’t do.

Even worse, if you have a strong will and “work” through the pain, you could end up blasting through your non-renewable cartilage.

The only solution at this point? Surgery.

So here are 6 steps towards less knee pain:

1. Avoid the seated position: Counter intuitively, staying in the seated position can exacerbate pain on the front of the knee cap. I recommend trying to work from the standing position for various reasons:

a. You will burn more calories.

b. It’s better for your back.

c. It alleviates front knee pain.

If standing work is out of the question for you, at the very least elevate the bad knee(s) when seated.

2. Get a high quality knee brace: They really do help and can provide relief when you are exercising. Now you don’t want to depend on a brace, but it can help weather the storm until you figure out the underlying cause of the pain. The only drawback here is that good knee braces are expensive.

3. Make your quadriceps muscles (front thighs) strong: You don’t have to become a bodybuilder here, but you should focus on making your front thighs strong with highly targeted movements. You see, strong front thighs will help your knee cap moving correctly.

4. Keep your hamstrings (back part of your thighs) flexible: Being in the seated position isometrically contracts your hamstrings. In other words, your hamstrings are contracting even though you don’t feel it. The end result is super tight hamstrings for women with desk jobs (the majority).

5. Don’t wait too long before replacing shoes: The extra money you save by wearing your shoes thin does not warrant wearing down your knee joint. After all, money is renewable, your joints aren’t.

Your knees are the primary weight bearing joints in your body and if your shoes no longer have appropriate cushion, they have to absorb more cartilage-damaging shock.

6. Reduce levels of body fat: Since your knees are the primary weight bearing joints, fat loss is a great way to give them a break. For every 1 lb of lost fat, your knees experience 4 lbs of relief-so everything counts here. And more fat loss translates into toned arms.

Now keep in mind that it’s impossible to cover all the potential causes of knee pain in a single article. Please consider this article as a starting point. And if your knee pain is severe and persists, do NOT hesitate to see a doctor.

It’s much better to stop the pain now instead of waiting until you’ve lost non-renewable cartilage!

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