7 Habits To Help You Lose Arm Fat And Keep It Off

Lasting arm fat loss requires changes in your daily habits or routine. And a lot of the small things you do on a daily basis can add up over time and make a huge difference. In this article, we will cover 7 habits you can change today to start seeing better results.

The key here, however, is to pick the top habits that you believe will create the biggest difference. Start with one or two. Then, once these habits are hardwired into your routine, add in another one or two.

1. Set small goals within your larger goal: You aren’t going to lose all your arm fat overnight. So you need to set micro goals that will serve as milestones and keep you motivated until you reach your end goal. Each time you accomplish one of these smaller goals, you will get an injection of motivation that will thrust you forward.

On the other hand, if losing all your arm fat is the only goal you set, you may get de-motivated during the journey.

2. Monitor, but don’t obsess: And you don’t have to do this forever. Simply start keeping track of your exercise and eating habits so you can see the areas that need improvement. There is no need to be super complicated here – something as simple as a small notebook will suffice.

3. Rearrange your social circles, for now: Hanging out with people who are out of alignment with your goals will make losing arm fat extremely difficult. Peer pressure and conformity are very difficult to deal with – and you really don’t want to add these on top of everything else you have to manage here.

4. Don’t fall into a boring routine with your exercise regimen: Doing the same arm exercises over and over again will burn you out mentally. Even worse, you’ll stop noticing results because of adaptation. So switch things up. You can go to a different gym, you can try different exercises, you can get a workout buddy , etc.

5. Don’t sacrifice sleep no matter what: Poor sleep will set you back on many levels. It will affect you psychologically and physiologically. And there is a massive body of research showing the clear relationship between poor sleep and weight gain.

6. Eat breakfast every morning: Skip breakfast and you will burn less calories during the rest of the day. Even worse, a higher percentage of the calories you do eat will get shuffled to fat cells. If you aren’t hungry when you wake up, slash the size of your dinner by 50%.

7. Monitor your time: Many women argue that they don’t have time to exercise or get in shape. However, many women spend a massive amount of time in front of the TV or on the computer. Monitor where your time is being spent with an application like Rescue Time.

Then, reduce the activities that are taking up the most amount of time to free up your busy schedule.

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