A Guide So That Fruit Intake Doesn’t Make You (Or Your Arms) Fat

A Guide So That Fruit Intake Doesn’t Make You (Or Your Arms) Fat

Contrary to popular belief, consuming excessive amounts of fruit is contraindicated for rapid fat loss. You see, fruit has a lot of sugar.

And the sugar found in fruit causes your liver to increase production of triglycerides and cholesterol. Over the long run, this can compromise circulation—not good for optimal arm toning.

So here is how to make sure you fruit intake doesn’t make you (or your arms) fat:

1. Have most of your fruit during breakfast: When you wake up your liver is devoid of carbohydrates. Having fruit in the morning will refill your liver with little ill effect on the rest of your body. Even better, you are more likely to burn off any potential excess of sugar during the rest of the day.

2. Have a small amount before exercise: Your liver regulates your blood sugar because it can store a small amount of carbohydrates. And if you have a little fruit before working out, you will reduce the chances of hitting a sugar-crash “wall” and will feel more energetic.

3. Go for variety: The more variety the merrier. You see, solid research from Cornell has shown that combinations of fruit are much healthier than single doses of high anti-oxidant fruit (i.e., superfoods). So have small samplings of different fruits a la tapas.

4. Avoid smoothies: Any caloric ingestion that is not in solid food form is contraindicated for rapid fat loss. So if you are going to eat fruit, make sure it’s in its whole form, don’t blend it up. Remember that slower digestion is always better.

5. Understand that fruit is optional: You should only eat fruit if you absolutely have to have it. Otherwise, vegetables provide just as many nutrients with virtually no sugar. My personal recommendation is to have the bare minimum amount of fruit for your particular psychological and physical needs.

6. Eat the whole fruit, not just the fleshy pulp: When possible, eat the fruits skin in addition to its fleshy pulp. You see, the skin is loaded with fiber (which slows digestion) and has the highest concentration of anti-oxidants. Keep in mind that the fruit’s skin protects it from the elements and from animals, thus it has the most nutrition.

Having a little fruit here and there isn’t going to decrease your health or increase your arm fat. Just make sure you don’t erroneously assume that high fruit intakes are healthy as many marketers (and the companies they represent) would have you believe. Moderation is always key!

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