Are You STILL Skipping Breakfast?

breakfast for fat loss

Despite all the coverage breakfast has received, I STILL see women who skip breakfast on a regular basis and wonder why they can’t get in shape…

Here’s the deal: skip breakfast and getting rid of flabby arms will be a never-ending uphill battle.

Perhaps it’s the lack of specific reasons for eating breakfast that allows so many women to simply dismiss it. After all, eating breakfast just because it’s “healthy” is somewhat vague and not very motivating.

So here are 6 very specific biological reasons to never skip breakfast:

1. Your mood will deteriorate: Getting in shape and sculpting your arms is hard enough as is. So why put yourself through additional mental punishment? You see, multiple studies have shown that skipping breakfast increases rates of depression and has a direct impact on mood.

I suspect that breakfast has an impact on the replenishment of “feel good” neurotransmitters in your brain.

2. To keep your body burning as many calories as possible: Although counterintuitive, the epidemiological evidence is very clear here. Skipping breakfast increases BMI (body mass index). And although BMI is flawed as a precise measurement tool, it still does a good job at revealing general patterns.

So don’t think that the calories you avoid by skipping breakfast are going to help. The truth is that skipping breakfast will slow down your metabolism for the rest of the day.

3. To keep cortisol from ever-rising: In controlled amounts cortisol is necessary to stay alive. However, if you skip breakfast your levels of cortisol will reach abnormally high levels.

The issue here is that right before you wake up, levels of cortisol are peaking so that you don’t starve to death. It prevents starvation by breaking down your precious calorie-burning muscle.

4. Your blood lipid profile will worsen: People who regularly skip breakfast tend to have higher levels of bad cholesterol, LDL. Not only will LDL worsen circulation, but it will also strain your heart. And recall that good circulation and blood flow are necessary for you to train and recover at your best.

5. Your sensitivity to insulin will be disrupted for the REST of the day: Unfortunately, skipping breakfast will have a negative impact on ALL your other meals. You see, insulin is responsible for getting nutrients into your cells where they are converted to energy. If you have too much insulin, however, you will store a disproportionately higher amount of nutrients in your fat cells.

Now if more nutrients are going to fat cells, not only will you have less energy, but you will gain weight at a faster rate. Not a good combination!

6. To maintain cardiovascular health: Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast have higher rates of heart disease. And in addition to the worsened blood lipid profile, I suspect that skipping breakfast increases general inflammation in your body.

After all, if you skip breakfast your body has to digest its own tissues in order to survive.

Hopefully, you aren’t skipping breakfast. And if you are, please take heed of this advice and start having breakfast tomorrow morning!

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