6 Things NOT to Do When Performing Arm Exercises for Women

common mistakes women make when doing arm exercises

If you don’t know how to do arm exercises for women the right way, your underarm will still keep on waving even after you’ve stopped.

I used to have the same problem.

The good news is that there are special exercises that will eradicate your arm flab. Unfortunately, most women do not even know where to start. And the women that do start end up doing the exercises completely wrong. You could develop a mental hernia trying to figure out the best way to exercise your arm flab off.

Here is what NOT to do when performing arm exercises:

  • Stability balls all the time. They are bouncy, colorful and great for activating your stabilizing muscles, but they should not be abused. A stability ball will limit the load you can place on your arms because most of your energy goes into maintaining balance. So the best strategy is to have a mix of regular training and stability ball training.
  • Bosu balls all the time. Again, the goal is to NOT overdo balance, but to tone your arms in the shortest amount of time possible with combinations of different training modalities. The only way to accomplish this is by placing the maximum load on your arms when exercising. So stick to the basics and add in variety.
  • Standing on one foot or closing your eyes. Most trainers will claim that these techniques increase your “propioception” (your ability to coordinate movement). And they are right! But are you trying to obtain the coordination of a kung fu master, or a pair of eye-catching arms? The fitness industry is always looking for another gimmick to keep customers interested and coming back for more. Fall for this, and you’ll be spinning your arm flab wheels for a long time.
  • Using the colorful 3-5 pound dumbbells. If you have never exercised in your life, perhaps these are appropriate starting weights. But I have never met a woman who could not use heavier weights within a week of arm workouts. You absolutely have to use heavier weights that fatigue your arms. Use light weights, and your arms will never get toned.
  • 20 repetitions or more per set. The idea that high repetitions are the best way to tone your arms is the most common myth of them all. Your arms have a wide variety of “muscle fibers”. If you only do high repetitions, a large portion of your muscle fibers will NOT get stimulated. You have to do a wide range of repetitions (low, medium and high) or your progress will come to a screeching halt.
  • The same arm workout over and over again. Not only is this boring for your mind, but it’s boring for your body. And if your body gets bored, it will stop changing. Doing the same workout week in and week out, is the fastest way to reach a plateau. Plateau’s are extremely demoralizing and will drain you of any motivation to keep pushing forward. Why would you keep investing in workouts if you’re not getting any type of return? Never do the same workout twice. If you do, the flab won’t go away no matter how hard you try.

Figuring out how to properly exercise your arms doesn’t have to give you a mental hernia. Now you know 6 things to avoid when working out your arms. The key is to not be wowed by all the bells and whistles the fitness industry will throw at you. And don’t forget to train your arms hard with a lot of variety. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to sexy arm stardom.

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