How To Analyze Fad Diets, Part 1

fad diet reseach arm tone

In your quest to get arm tone, you’ve probably tried a fad diet or two. And perhaps you had some success, but I bet most of the weight came back. This is the biggest problem with fad diets: the weight always comes back.

In fact, as proven by Stanford PhD, Christopher Gardner, the fad diets that produce the fastest weight loss (a la Atkins) also produce the biggest weight regain. And who likes to go around in circles?

Even worse, every single time you go on a new diet only to regain the weight, that inner voice which says you will never be able to get arm tone gets louder and louder. Eventually, it will overtake you and kill your hope and dreams for toned arms.

Thus, I’ve decided to show you how I analyze fad diets. In doing so, you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. And hopefully, you will never be tricked again. My approach will be simple: a rapid-fire analysis of the most popular fad diets that have gone mainstream over the decades.

Low Fat Diets


1. Ease of implementation. Since you’re only cutting out fat, these diets are relatively easy to follow.


1. A decrease in metabolism. This means your body will burn less calories 24/7—even while you sleep. The mitochondria—“organelles” within cells that produce energy—require DIETARY fat to burn STORED fat. Ironic, but true.

2. Decreased neurological function. Want to lose IQ points? Then eliminate fat from your diet. Have you heard all the buzz on how omega-3 fats can make you smart? That’s because your central nervous system—including your brain—needs fat to function properly.

3. Decreased immunity. This one hurts, literally. Expect an increase in cold and flu frequency when cutting out fat from your diet. It’s simply not worth it because a single case of the flu will set back your arm toning mission by many steps.

4. The partitioning of carbohydrate towards arm fat cells. Without enough fat in your diet, a larger percentage of the carbohydrates you eat will be shuffled towards your arm fat! Your body needs dietary fat to make your cell membranes permeable. If your cell membranes are not permeable, more of what you eat will get directed towards fat stores.

5. Massive hunger spikes. Without enough dietary fat, your stomach will digest food very quickly. Quick digestion translates into high levels of insulin. And high levels of insulin will drive up your hunger levels, a lot. I can tell you from personal experience that this is NOT easy to endure.

Still not convinced? After analyzing the fat intakes of 41,518 women, Professor Walter Willett of the Harvard School of Public Health stated:

“a substantial decline in the percentage of energy from fat during the last two decades has corresponded with a massive increase in obesity… reductions in the percentage of energy from fat will have no important benefits and could further exacerbate the problem.”

Low fat is no good for arm tone. Period.

So the next time someone tries to persuade you into cutting out fats, ignore them. Fad diets are called fad diets for a reason—they come and go and never solve the problem permanently. And now you know why including DIETARY fat in order to burn ARM fat is important. You deserve arm tone now and not latter. So don’t miss my next analysis of fad diets!

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