How to Blowtorch Your Flabby Arms by Increasing Your Metabolism, Part 4

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If you’ve read my last three articles in this series and taken action, you should already have the sexy arms of your dreams because your arm toning is in high gear. Ok, maybe you don’t have sexy arms yet, but you are definitely a couple steps closer. And after reading this last article, you’ll be a metabolism wizard. Your flabby arms should be getting scared. Very scared.

In this fourth article of the series, I am going to reveal 3 more things you can do to increase your metabolism (and arm toning) today:

1. Drink loose leaf teas. Everybody knows that green tea helps burn fat (through an increase in metabolism), but not everybody knows that bagged green tea is inferior. And loose leaf green tea is superior. It’s like the difference between a go kart and a Ferrari. Not only will loose leaf green tea increase your metabolism a lot more, but it will also be much gentler on your body—especially your stomach. You can expect a Zen-like increase in mood and energy, without a crash. I personally have a tablespoon of steeped green tea leaves EVERY single morning without falter—can’t start my day without it. But there is something even stronger than loose leaf green tea that south Americans have been drinking for a long time… It’s called yerba mate. An investment banker friend of mine, once compared my strongest yerba mate preparation to adderall. Mind you, he was in a bind and had to pull his second all-nighter to meet a deadline. So I helped him out. Yerba mate is the strongest natural substance I have ever found. The key is to start with very small amounts. And be patient because you won’t feel an immediate rush of energy. It takes about an hour to kick in. I found this out the hard way after having way too much one morning. I couldn’t feel the immediate energy rush so I kept on having more and more. The end result? I couldn’t fall asleep until 6am!

2. Get at least 7 hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation will destroy your metabolism. Not only does it slow your entire body down, but it will also reduce the amount of muscle you can gain from working out. And recall that muscle sends your metabolism through the roof. Now, I understand that in this day and age getting a good night’s sleep can be very challenging. One trick you can use involves taking an extremely cold (as cold as you can tolerate) shower 30min. before bed. The decrease in temperature will allow your body to enter a deep and restful sleep. Sweet dreams!

3. Take supplements (optional). Most metabolism enhancing supplements contain caffeine (or its variants) and other ingredients that amplify their power. They are very convenient because all you have to do is pop a pill and wham, you have instant energy. The downside, however, is that you may have an energy crash and/or your body may not tolerate the caffeine very well—it can mess up your digestive tract and cause dry skin. I personally do not take these types of supplements because I’m very sensitive to caffeine. Many of my colleagues, on the other hand, can pop pills all day and never break a sweat. If regular stimulants (i.e., coffee, energy drinks) don’t really have an effect on you, than you can consider taking metabolism enhancing supplements. Always start off with the smallest dose possible and slowly scale up if needed.

Alright, now you have 3 more things you can start doing today so that your metabolism blowtorches your flabby arms away. If you do all the things I’ve mentioned in this series, your arm toning will be in the highest gear possible. Just make sure you drink some extra water to compensate for the increased metabolism. The good news is that you can indulge in pleasure foods more often (don’t go overboard!) because your higher metabolism will burn the extra calories away. Good luck!

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