Brachioplasty – What the Doctors AREN’T Telling You, Part 1

the dangers of brachioplasty

Have you been considering brachioplasty? I don’t blame you, I considered the surgery at one point in my life as well. The truth is, getting rid of flabby arms can be virtually impossible if you aren’t using the right approach. And most women do not know what the right approach is. So they decide to take what’s perceived as the easy route—brachioplasty. The bottom line is that living with flabby arms can be a self image nightmare.

But there is a catch.

In this article, I am going to discuss what the brachioplasty catch is. In other words, what the doctors aren’t telling you about going under the knife. Here are 3 common myths you should be aware of:

  • Results are fast. While the surgery may only take a couple of hours, it takes many many months to begin to see the results. Keep in mind that your arm tissue is being forcibly butchered when you go under the knife. The resulting swelling and tissue damage takes a long time to go away. Even worse, is the scar you are left with that goes from your armpit to your elbow. According to Michael Law, MD:

this fairly long scar tends to widen, become pigmented, and even thicken – which means that younger patients must seriously consider if the scar is an acceptable trade-off for the improvement in upper arm contour”

  • You will be healthier. Nothing could be further from the truth. Going under the knife will NOT improve your health by any stretch of the imagination. You aren’t decreasing your weight, lowering cholesterol, increasing cardiovascular fitness, improving your diet or changing your lifestyle. Instead, you are letting your arm be sliced and diced. The reality is that your health will go down as you sit on your behind and swallow a bunch of pain killers to recover from the invasive surgery. Sad, but true.
  • Brachioplasty requires no effort. Oh boy, you’re in for a big surprise. I say surprise because you are going to have to lose weight before the surgery to get the best results. And I can guarantee that losing weight requires a lot of effort. Jeffrey Zwiren, MD says:

It is always best to be close to your desired weight goal prior to any body contouring procedure. The more toned that you are before the surgery the better the ultimate result. I usually want my patients to be within 10 to 15 pounds of their goal weight”

You also won’t be able to eat ANYTHING 24 hrs before the surgery. And after the surgery you will be immobilized and will have to take time off work to recover.

Having second thoughts about cutting off the flab from your flabby arms? So did I. After lots of thinking, I decided not to go under the knife. And I’m very glad I made that decision because I figured out a better way to get back the arms I used to have when I was a twenty-something. I discovered that specialized exercises combined with a little nutritional trickery can get you better results than plastic surgery all things considered.

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