Eat Like Santa, Look Like A Model


A customer of ours recently came back from a trip to China, Brazil, India and Mexico.

She ate a lot of high calorie food and drank lots of alcohol. She didn’t have time to exercise either.

Here’s the kicker: she actually lost 4 lbs.

We couldn’t figure out how this happened. Then I asked her one simple question:

Did you move around a lot?

Her answer: “I hardly had time to sit down!”

You see, her trip was so fast paced that she was constantly on the go. So even though she was eating a lot of calories, her excessive movement out-burned everything and more.

And this brings up a major issue: most women grossly underestimate the benefit of simply moving around more. You can burn a lot of extra calories and by extension, arm flab, by simply moving around more.

But, you have to be careful. The biggest mistake women make is incorporating “boring” movement that isn’t sustainable. A perfect example here is the common advice of “walking up stairs instead of taking the elevator.”

Are you really going to enjoy walking up stairs? What if you are wearing high heels?

Instead, move more in ways that aren’t boring and in ways that don’t eat into your productivity. A perfect example here would be to walk outside while taking a long conference call, or any type of call. Or how about watching your favorite TV program while walking on a treadmill.

So how can you eat like Santa, but look like a model? Just move around more!

Disclaimer: some of the 4 lbs. our client lost was water and muscle, but the majority was fat.

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