How To Get Toned Arms With 5 Nootropics, Part 1

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A Nootropic is a substance that enhances your mind whether it be memory, concentration or mood.

How is enhancing your mind related to getting rid of fat arms? Surprisingly, most women never reach their sexy arm goal because their mental endurance falls apart, not because they don’t have sufficient information on nutrition or exercise. Any woman can start an arm-toning program, but few woman can finish it.

In my last two articles, I discussed some mental hacks you can use to maintain motivation and not fall of the bandwagon. In this article, I am going to discuss specific functional foods you can ingest for an immediate boost in mood.

Here are the criteria I used for selection:

1. No energy “crashes” allowed.
2. There has to be an immediate boost in mood.
3. No synthetic substances allowed, everything has to be all natural.
4. The health benefits have to be backed by peer reviewed research.

Taking the above criteria into account, here is my list of 5 nootropic foods that will help you tone your arms:

1. Dragon Well Loose Leaf Green Tea

green tea fat arms

I’ve tried every type of green tea out there and this is the best by far. If you’ve been drinking bagged green tea, it’s time to upgrade pronto. Most women know green tea is good for them, but most women don’t know which one to take or how to prepare it.

Preparation is simple. Put about 1 tablespoon of green tea leaves in a 16 oz mug. Then poor hot water over it. Let it sit for 10 minutes then begin to drink it.

You can expect an immediate rush in mood and concentration without any crash. And unlike coffee, your stomach won’t get upset. I have my green tea every single morning. I actually think I’m addicted to it. As an added bonus, green tea is loaded with antioxidants (great for health and recovery), improves insulin sensitivity (prevents carbs from going to fat cells), and increases metabolism (accelerates the reduction of fat arms).

2. Pure Cocoa Powder

cocoa powder fat arms

This stuff is so good that a close friend of mine (an investment banker) started having 10-20 cups a day. No joke. He needed the boost in concentration and mood because his line of work requires 12-14 hour days. Ouch!

Imagine the rush you get from eating regular chocolate and multiply it by 10. That is what pure cocoa powder does for you…

What causes the rush? Theobromine. This substance is the cocoa version of caffeine. Although an order of magnitude milder, it still gives a slight increase in energy.

Most importantly, cocoa increases blood flow to the brain as demonstrated by Harvard medical researchers. Blood carries oxygen, and oxygen is required to produce energy in our cells. As an added bonus, cocoa powder is loaded with antioxidants, has very few calories and is great for the heart.

Drink as much pure cocoa powder as you can as often as you can.

Preparation is simple. Put 1 tablespoon in a 16 oz mug. Add some stevia (a natural sweetener) and some cinnamon for flavor. Then poor hot water in the mug and stir immediately. Be careful here, if the water is too hot the cocoa will form a sludge.

Now, not all cocoa is created equal. Make sure you are purchasing pure cocoa powder that is non-alkalized (this translates into minimal processing and insignificant amounts of sugar and fat).

Maintaining a good mood and increasing mental endurance are the most important things you can do to win the war against fat arms. Remember, the main reason women do not reach their sexy arm goal is because of a gradual erosion in their motivation. We can all start strong, but few of us can finish strong. So watch out for part 2 of this article. Until then!

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