20 Things You Should NOT Be Doing When Reducing Fat Arms, Part 1

fat arms mistakes

1. Having more than 3 grams of fish oil per day. I cringe every time I see a so called “expert” recommending massive fish oil intakes. As recommended by the FDA, you should not over supplement with fish oil pills. Doing so puts your heart at risk because the excess omega 3’s can oxidize and cause atherosclerosis.

2. Storing nuts and legumes in warm places. Instead, put them in the fridge. A toxic mold, apsergillus, can grow on nuts and legumes when left in warm and humid places. A serious case of food poisoning will set your fat arms mission many steps back.

3. Consuming ANY amount of trans fats. If you see the words “partially hydrogenated”, “vegetable shortening”, or “trans fats” on the label, do NOT eat it. Period. As demonstrated by Harvard researchers, trans fats are absolutely lethal and in my opinion, no amount whatsoever should be consumed.

4. Avoiding saturated fat from plant sources. Saturated fat from animal sources (i.e., the white stuff on raw steaks) is structurally different than saturated fat from plant sources. The latter can be extremely healthy for you. Coconut, for instance, should be considered a health food.

5. Cooking food to the point that it’s blackened. Eating food that is blackened through barbecuing, toasting or frying is not good for your health. Studies have shown that consuming said foods increases the risk of cancer.

6. Eating large amounts of nitrates. Found in processed meats like deli cuts, nitrates, increase your risk for colon cancer. Not to mention, there are far superior sources of protein other than processed meats.

7. Consuming large amounts of low calorie sweeteners. We still do not know whether high intakes of artificial sweeteners are safe. Although healthier than sugar, artificial sweeteners should be consumed in moderation. If you want to get rid of flabby arms, do it the healthy way.

8. Drinking large amounts of water in one sitting for hydration. Just like it’s not good for you to eat a lot of food in one sitting, it’s not good for you to drink a lot of water in one sitting. Why? Because it will go straight out through your kidneys. Instead, pace your water intake throughout the day in between meals.

9. Completely avoiding saturated fats. It’s not necessary to go militant here. The research has not shown any benefit to a saturated fat intake that is less than 10% of total calories. Moreover, if you include unsaturated fat with your saturated fat, the negatives are drastically reduced. So don’t try to completely cut out saturated fat from your diet.

10. Consuming large amounts of a single “healthy” food. We are obsessed with super foods. I guess we do live in a what’s-the-next-magic-bullet culture. But if you want the biggest boost in energy and health, eating a wide variety of foods is a far better approach. There are simply way too many interactions between nutrients in different foods that we currently do not understand. Pioneering research done at Cornell University has repeatedly shown that eating a wide variety of healthy foods provides a greater benefit than eating a large amount of a single “superfood.”

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