How to Blowtorch Your Flabby Arms by Increasing Your Metabolism, Part 3

flabby arm metabolism

By now, after reading my last two articles, your metabolism should be blowtorching your flabby arms away. If it isn’t, don’t worry, I have some more tips and tricks for you. You see, I have your back, or should I say arm flab.

In this third article of the series, I am going to unearth 3 more things you can do to increase your metabolism today:

1. Eat smaller meals every 3 hours. Instead of eating 3 square meals a day. Remember the “thermic effect” of food? Well, if you eat every 3 hours (about 6 meals a day) you get a lot more thermic effect than if you only eat 3 meals a day. I know what you’re thinking… “I don’t have time to eat 6 times a day!” If you prepare meals in advance and cook in bulk, it will not take that much more time to eat 6 meals a day. But it will take a lot more time if you prepare each meal one at a time. Also consider that by eating 6 smaller meals per day your energy levels will sky rocket and you’ll be able to get more done per unit time than if you only ate 3 meals. So you actually save time by eating more frequently. As an added bonus, eating smaller meals will keep the #1 flabby arm building hormone (insulin) at bay.

2. Avoid long duration cardio. If you decide to do cardio to help get rid of your flabby arms, make sure you never do more than 30min. at a time. If you do more than 30min., your body may secrete cortisol. And cortisol is one of your biggest enemies because it eats away muscle (it’s also horrible for your immune system). Muscle influences your metabolism a lot, more so than any other factor I’ve mentioned thus far. Lose muscle and your metabolism will sink faster than the Titanic.

3. Lift weights. Don’t worry, you won’t turn into sheman, I promise! The #1 fear women have about lifting weights, is developing “manly” arms. But this is absurd because the male body produces 40-60 times more testosterone than the female body. So no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to develop those bulky, manly arms. Ironically, muscle is the first thing women need to focus on since their bodies have such a hard time building it in the first place. An increase in muscle mass will send your metabolism through the roof. Once your metabolism goes up, you’ll burn extra arm fat and you’ll get smaller (even though you have more muscle) because fat takes up a lot more space than muscle. Also keep in mind that you need a bare minimum amount of muscle on your arms if you want to have the toned look. If you don’t have any muscle, your arms will look flat and smooth, and will still jiggle. Pure flabby arm hell!

There you go, 3 more things you can start doing today to increase your metabolism and blowtorch your flabby arms away. Pretty soon you will reach metabolism-enhancing wizard status. Watch out for the next article in this series. Until then!

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Joycelyn Gray

Great information. I have had flabby arms since 6th grade. I have lost 5o lbs before and still keep the flabby arms. I have since gained all the weight back so the arms are even bigger. I think the key things for me is breakfast and weights. Thank you so much for the information!!


Sleeveless in 7!


I’m glad to hear that you find the information helpful!

As you’ve experienced, weight loss is no guarantee of arm fat reduction. A more precise approach is usually required. And you’ve hit the nail right on the head with breakfast and weights. If I could only eat one meal during the day, it would be breakfast. If I could only do one type of exercise, it would be lifting weights.

Warmest regards,



I see many physiologists promoting short HIIT and avoiding sustained cardio o

so you should know then that insufficient steady state cardio can reduce HDL? correct.

I had the best lab results and weight loss with a combination of steady state and HIIT sessions 30 min or greater 5 x per week

my muscles are fine


Sleeveless in 7!


I promote neither. I believe cardio is not necessary for arm toning. And when done in excess, can cause more harm than good. Especially, on recovery and on the joints.

Any type of exercise has the potential to improve blood lipid profiles. However, nutrition will have a far greater impact.

I’m glad to hear that you were able to change your body with a consistent routine.

Cardio will eat up muscle only when done in excess and when accompanied with poor nutrition. Having said that, cardio in moderation is absolutely fine.

Warmest regards,
Katherine Crawford


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