How To Lose Flabby Upper Arms Without Doing Any Exercise, Part 1

flabby upper arms no exercise

Is it possible to lose flabby upper arms without doing any exercise? The surprising answer is yes.

The key is to put your body into a state of “spontaneous” fat loss. In the scientific community, a spontaneous diet refers to how much a person freely eats without any direct external influence. So a spontaneous loss in arm fat is the amount of fat you lose while eating as much as you want.

In other words, spontaneous arm fat loss is the most effortless way to get rid of flabby upper arms.

How do you achieve spontaneous fat loss?

Well, there are many steps you can take to lose the arm fat without breaking a sweat. And in this first article of the series I am going to reveal 4 steps you can take today to get rid of the flab by tomorrow:

1. Eat at the same times every single day. In one study, women who consistently ate meals at the same times every day consumed 100 less calories per day versus women who ate at random times. I suspect that this is partly due to the fact that individual organs (including your stomach and appetite centers) entrain to daily rhythms. If you have an irregular pattern of eating, your body, organs and hormones (which control the hunger feeling) will get off balance and you’ll feel the urge to eat more. So eat consistently to eat less.

2. Eat breakfast. It has been demonstrated that women who eat breakfast are 24% less likely to become obese. Skip breakfast, and your insulin (a fat storing hormone) levels will remain elevated for the rest of the day and you will most likely compensate by binging at night—a big no no for arm flab reduction. Now most women already know they should be eating breakfast, yet so many of them don’t! Do whatever it takes to eat a healthy breakfast within 20 minutes of waking.

3. Increase protein intake. But don’t go overboard a la Atkins! One study showed a spontaneous 441 calories/day reduction when protein intake was doubled from 15% to 30%. The main benefit from protein here is an increase in “feel full” hormones and a reduction in the “glycemic load” of each meal. But in this case, more is not better. If you increase protein too much (greater than 35% of calories) your body will be subjected to a whole range of negative effects that will make life miserable. Refer to the American Heart Association’s position on high protein diets for the dirty truth that Atkins never told us.

4. Eat high quality protein. Not all protein is created equal. If you eat clean sources of protein that are low in saturated fat, your caloric intake will spontaneously go down. Borzoei et al. showed that eating cod resulted in an 11% reduction in caloric intake versus eating low quality beef. So if you want the arm jiggle to go away faster, eat protein that is clean (and natural) and low in saturated. If your budget permits, you should consider eating wild fish and wild meats.

Start taking these steps and you’ll begin to get rid of those flabby upper arms without having to do exercise. Sometimes the greatest results can be obtained with the least effort. Losing the arm flab doesn’t have to break your back. So look out for my next article in this series. Until then!

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