20 Reasons Why Trans Fat Will Destroy Your Health And Your Arms, Part 1

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During the 1900’s some chemists discovered a way to extend the shelf life of vegetable oils. Through their newly invented method of hydrogenation, they turned healthy oils into the most deadly dietary ingredient in the history of processed food: trans fat.

And if you want to get rid of flabby arms, trans fat will destroy your efforts.

Unfortunately, about 40% of the food in grocery stores has trans fat. Even worse, an FDA loophole allows food manufactures to label their products as having 0 grams of trans fat even though said products do have trans fat. Could this get any more deceiving?

So if you’re serious about getting rid of flabby arms, please read the following 20 reasons on how trans fat will kill your sexy arm mission:

  1. According to Harvard research, trans fats kill AT LEAST 30,000 Americans a year.
  2. Any amount of trans fat in the diet has a negative impact. There is no safe level of intake.
  3. They raise triglyceride levels.
  4. They increase dense LDL particles, the absolute worst kind of bad cholesterol.
  5. They lower HDL, the good cholesterol.
  6. Pound for pound, trans fats contribute more to heart disease than any other dietary substance.
  7. They stimulate cellular processes that cause insulin resistance. A state in which more carbohydrates (and calories) get shuffled to your arm fat cells.
  8. They increase the risk of diabetes.
  9. Trans fat raise levels of inflammation through tumor necrosis factor.
  10. They have been compared to membrane-like drugs since they alter the function of cell membranes.
  11. They contribute to the development of arrhythmias.
  12. They increase the risk of sudden cardiac death.
  13. For women in the upper 25% of trans fat intake, breast cancer is increased by 360%.
  14. For men in the upper 25% of trans fat intake, prostate cancer is increased by 300%.
  15. Colon cancer risk is increased by 50%.
  16. They harm the liver by inhibiting stearoyl CoA desaturase.
  17. They are naturally made by bacteria when their environment becomes too toxic.
  18. The food industry (including restaurants) hides them in many foods that are marketed as “healthy.”
  19. They have a lot of calories.
  20. They make it that much harder to get rid of flabby arms!

Now I’ve always been a huge proponent of moderation and the inclusion of pleasure foods with minimal impact on arm fat gain. However, when it comes to trans fat no level of intake is acceptable. Let me repeat that, no level of intake is acceptable. And don’t avoid trans fat just to get rid of flabby arms, also do it for your health! Don’t miss part two of this article in which I’ll show you how to identify foods with hidden trans fats.

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