How To Get Toned Arms With 5 Nootropics, Part 2

how to get toned arms with nootropics

If you read the first part of this article on how to get toned arms, you know that in order to get sexy and sculpted arms the mental battle has to be won. Period.

The main factor that leads women to flabby arm failure is an eventual evaporation of will power. Thus, exercise and nutrition are not the most important parts of the equation, learning how to maintain motivation over the long haul is.

Bottom line: to get toned arms and keep them, you have to maintain a positive and fresh mind-set.

Once the self-doubt, negativity, desperation, hopelessness and victimization starts to surface, it’s the beginning of the end. As cliché as it sounds, it is all in your head.

Luckily for all of us women wishing to attain sexy arm stardom, there are certain functional foods that provide an instant boost to our mental outlook. In this second article, I will discuss the final 3.

3. Cinnamomum Zeylancium

cinnamon Also known as Ceylon cinnamon, it’s the true cinnamon not to be confused with the lower grade cinnamon found in most grocery stores. How do you tell the difference? Ceylon cinnamon sticks look like a cigar because they have a crumbly texture and are not hollow.

What does it do for you? It increases insulin sensitivity (more food going to you your active tissues including the brain) and it loads up your body with antioxidants – very important if you are learning how to get toned arms. And for reasons currently unknown to me, combining Ceylon cinnamon sticks with loose leaf green tea gives me a stronger mental boost than either alone.

Any biochemists out there know why?

I recommend putting a Ceylon cinnamon stick in every hot beverage you drink, or at least try to. And make sure you get true Ceylon cinnamon, not the imitations!

4. Yerba Mate

yerba mate for toned arms An all-time favorite drink of south American cultures, yerba mate is by far the strongest functional food on this list. Why? Because it can increase your mental stamina and mood for 8 hours or more—even when going low carb.

Yerba mate is the strongest natural fat burner I have come across.

Remember my investment banker friend? He would load up on large amounts of yerba mate whenever he had to pull all-nighters, and it worked. He even compared it to aderrall. Now he was obviously overdoing it, but I want you to understand how effective this stuff is if you want to get toned arms.

Now there are many different ways of preparing yerba mate. I think simpler is better. Don’t get caught up with the whole “bombilla” and gourd method. Just put a small amount in a tea ball and poor hot water over it.

tea ball toned arms

Make sure you experiment with low amounts (about 1 tbsp) first. Don’t overdo it. Unlike coffee or green tea, it can take about an hour for the mate to kick in. So be patient.

5. Water

Surprised water is on this list? Well, you shouldn’t be because dehydration causes mental fogginess. A big no no if you want to figure out how to get toned arms.

Unfortunately, women are more dehydrated than ever. Why? Because of caffeine’s diuretic effect. Let’s face it, the world we live in is addicted to caffeine. And it’s in everything: soda, candy bars, gum, etc.

Here’s the problem with caffeine. Your nervous system builds up a tolerance to it very quickly. You need to drink more and more for the same increase in energy. But your kidneys do NOT build up a tolerance to it. So even though you feel like that gigantic serving of coffee is no longer having an effect on you, you’re excreting more water than ever.

Just because you don’t feel it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

I’ll admit it, I used to be a caffeine junkie. It was bad, really bad. I would feel especially sluggish right after my workouts. Then I started forcing myself to drink water consistently after watching a presentation on hydration by a Stanford Phd.

My increase in mood and focus was astonishing. And my post-workout lows completely vanished. I was unknowingly dehydrating myself throughout the day because of my massive caffeine intake. Since I couldn’t really feel the caffeine jolt, I never picked up on what was going on.

The key for optimal hydration is to drink small amounts of water in between meals, not just during meals. If you only drink water during meals, the majority of it will go right out through your kidneys.

Most women start a program on how to get toned arms with tons of motivation, but few women actually finish a program. And now you know 5 functional foods you can take that will have an immediate impact on your mental game. To get toned arms, you have to win the mental battle day in and day out. Only then will you reach sexy arm stardom! Good luck!

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