How To Extend The Durable Warranty Of Your Exercising Body

Female exercise warranty

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Unfortunately, because of ever increasing global obesity rates, exercise has become a matter of life and death. And those women that can exercise well into the later years of life, will have a serious advantage when it comes to longevity and vitality.

But there is a catch… Your body is constantly aging and breaking down as is. And exercise further increases this breakdown process.

HOWEVER, if done correctly, exercise compensates for the breakdown by having an even bigger building process. So even though you take one step back with intense exercise, during the recovery process you take two steps forward.

So here is how to extend the durable life of your exercising body by getting more build up instead of breakdown:

1. Avoid doing the same movements over and over and over again: I strongly believe that the most important aspect of getting in shape is learning how to establish permanent routines within your schedule. But if you don’t add variety within the routine, bad things start to happen.

You see, if you do the same workout with the same movements over and over again, your muscles and even worse, connective tissue will not have enough time to recover.

And connective tissues take a very long time to heal and recover because of almost non-existent blood supplies. Note: blood is the recovery lifeline to all the structures in your body because it carries nutrients and repair factors.

2. Don’t start exercising until your body is hot: I’ve seen too many women count a light walk as proper warm up. This simply is not enough. You need to feel an increase in body temperature for the proper effect here.

And exercising when your body isn’t “hot” not only puts your connective tissue at more risk for injury, but it also reduces your strength, power and speed. I personally take a very hot shower (increases blood flow) before each training session in addition to warming up on an elliptical.

3. Prioritize connective tissue strength over muscular strength in the beginning: Focusing on muscular strength will burn more calories and allow you to lose body fat faster. However, in the long run it will catch up to you and can potentially sideline you with an injury for a very long time.

So make sure that whenever you start an exercise program for the first time, you focus on light weights with higher repetitions too boost connective tissue strength. Then slowly phase into heavier weights with lower repetitions.

4. Cycle in as much low impact activity as possible: Giving your joints a break from the rigors of exercise is a great way to reduce wear and tear on non-renewable cartilage. You see, cartilage is like the tires on a car-once it wears out, there is NO way to get it back.

And a great way to extend the life of your limited supply of cartilage, is to provide your body with periods of minimal load. My favorite modality here is exercise in water because water virtually takes away all the forces and loads of gravity.

Just make sure you don’t do too much swimming with your upper body if you have shoulder issues.

Getting results NOW is important for motivation, but you also need to plan for what can happen LATER. And most women simply forget about the later, they don’t take into account what their exercise routine will do to their bodies 10-15 years down the road.

So take care of your frame, and plan for the future so you can keep on exercising as long as you want!

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