How To Get Rid Of Bingo Wings With Advanced Nutrition, Part 2

advanced topics on how to get rid of bingo wings

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Eating right to get sexy and sculpted arms shouldn’t be complex. And those women who wish to take a complex approach are more likely to fail.


Because time and again, the simplest diets have always outperformed the complicated ones. Atkins is a perfect example here. After all, simply cutting out carbohydrates is as easy as it gets.

Having said that, there are special time periods that require special attention to nutrition.

And today I’m going to show you how to further optimize your nutrition so that you can get rid of those bingo wings once and for all:

Before Working Out

No reason to get fancy here. Just try to have a full meal about 3 hours before training and then a small snack 30 minutes before training. And make sure you are fully hydrated for both of these feedings or else digestion will be hindered.

Also, stay away from simple sugars so that you don’t have a sugar crash in the middle of your arm workout.

During Endurance Training

This section only applies to women who like to do endurance training for more than 1 hour outside of their arm workouts. Consuming calories during any type of training that is less than an hour will most likely lead to fat cell fueling.

  1. Moderate/high intensity endurance session: After the first hour, begin to drink maltodextrin in liquid or syrup form. Do NOT have more than 40 grams of maltodextrin per hour. Doing so can lead to extreme fatigue because of deep sugar crashes. Also, the more you can space out the consumption of the maltodextrin the better.
  2. Low intensity endurance session: After the first hour, strive to have solid food such as two slices of whole grain bread with peanut butter. Since you are eating regular food (slower digestion), you can have many more calories without the risk of a sugar crash.


  1. It’s ok to have dextrose in place of the maltodextrin.
  2. Do not follow these numbers to the dot—the recommendations are based on the average woman. Experiment a little and see which level of intake works best for you.
  3. High intensity training for one woman can be low intensity training for another. So experiment with both solid food and liquid maltodextrin before settling on a single one.
  4. You can substitute the peanut butter for any type of nut butter.
  5. You do NOT need to consume protein. Despite all the marketing hype, protein’s benefits are almost zilch during training. Moreover, it can dehydrate you.
  6. You should not have fat either because it’s very difficult to digest. And the last thing you need is an upset stomach during training!

Now many supplement companies would have you believe that consuming scoop after scoop of protein powder is the secret to sexy arm success. Yet nothing could be further from the truth! So please keep it natural and simple during your quest to get toned arms.

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