How To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms, Part 2

flabby arms graphicMake sure you read the first part of this tutorial on how to get rid of flabby arms before moving onto the second part right below.

In the first part you learn the basics: the primary causes of flabby arms, how to exercise them off, how to do an arm workout the right way, how to properly integrate cardiovascular exercise so that it doesn’t delay your results, and how to eat for the fastest progress.

In a nutshell, following the strategies in the first part of this tutorial will put you in a better position than 99.999999% of women trying to reduce arm flab.

However, there are techniques that can push your progress to another level. So let me show you how to get rid of flabby arms faster!

Right before your arm workout

You have two objectives here: blood sugar stabilization and adrenaline release.

To stimulate adrenaline release, the solution is simple: have some caffeine.

A small dose of caffeine right before you exercise will get adrenaline circulating in your body. And adrenaline will help you burn more arm flab, feel less of a “burn” from the resistance training, keep you focused and prevent you from hitting a wall.

The simplest way to do this is by taking caffeine in tablet form – this allows you to control the dose with precision.

But you can also get caffeine from tea if that works better for you.

To stabilize your blood sugar, you have to have a small amount of slow digesting carbs before you exercise. But there is a catch: have too many carbs and your blood sugar will plummet, have too little carbs and your blood sugar will plummet.

So it’s important to find the right amount here.

Usually, a two hundred calorie snack will do. You could have two small slices of high fiber bread or a good sized apple, for example

Just remember that if you have a meal within one and a half hours of exercise, a snack is not necessary.

Why you don’t want to have a shake with carbs

Ignore all the marketing hype – having liquid carbs before your workout will make your blood sugar drop in the middle of your workout. The insulin response is too strong when you have fast-digesting (liquid) carbs.

Stick with natural food here if you are serious about learning how to get rid of flabby arms effectively.

In the middle of your arm workout

Because your workouts are going to be short and intense, your body will not benefit from any type of food or supplement here.

Some people recommend sipping on a shake during your workout, but there is no comprehensive research showing any benefit here and ingesting calories in the middle of exercise can create an exaggerated thirst response.

Right after your arm workout

Right after your workout your body needs calories immediately, but increased core temperature masks hunger.

And do you really want to eat solid food while sweat droplets fall off your forehead?

The answer is to have some supplemental calories. A mix of whey protein and simple carbs like dextrose should do just fine here – you don’t need anything fancy, save your money!

So right after you finish exercising, have about forty grams of dextrose and ten grams of whey protein. This amount will not increase arm flab, but it will enhance recovery.

Finally, make sure to eat a solid meal according to the recommendations in the first part of this tutorial within half an hour of having your shake.

Size and quantity of meals

It’s all about blood sugar… And smaller, more frequent meals keep your blood sugar lower. You’ve probably heard this one before, but it’s so important that it needs to be repeated.

So here’s the deal: eating every three hours will produce the best results – you’ll burn the most arm flab and you’ll recover the fastest.

But, this isn’t realistic for everybody. So do what you can to have smaller, more frequent meals. And don’t feel bad if you can’t.

We know many women who get great results following a standard meal schedule.

Unconscious hunger

Every night you fall asleep and remain unconscious for an extended period of time. So why not create the biggest caloric deficit when you can’t feel it?

You see, you will get hungry – not ravenous – when you’re losing arm flab. There is now way around this.

So to feel less hungry during the day and more hungry when you can’t feel it, simply reduce the size of your last meal by half. But be careful here because if your last meal isn’t close to bed time, you won’t be able to fall asleep – you’ll be too hungry.

Now if you decide to implement this technique, you can’t delay breakfast. The upshot here, though, is that you will eat bigger breakfasts which in turn will increase your metabolic rate for the remainder of the day.

Tweaking your carbs to get rid of flabby arms really fast

If you stop eating carbs you’ll go into ketosis and hate life. On the other hand, if your results plateau or if you have a low carbohydrate tolerance, a normal carb intake might not be best.

So the answer is to oscillate your carb intake – have days of regular carb intake and days of low carb intake.

This can accelerate arm flab loss while not making you feel like a zombie.

To do this, maintain your carbohydrate intake on days that you exercise, and reduce it on days that you don’t. Here is a routine you could implement:

  • Day 1: exercise + regular carb intake
  • Day 2: rest + reduced carb intake
  • Day 3: exercise + regular carb intake
  • Day 4: rest + reduced carb intake
  • Day 5: exercise + regular carb intake
  • Day 6: rest + reduced carb intake
  • Day 7: rest + reduced carb intake

To get started reducing your carbs, simply avoid carbs after noon on the days that you don’t exercise. If your energy starts to flag, have a natural source of caffeine like dragon well green tea.

Disclaimer: don’t tweak your carbohydrate intake if you haven’t tried the recommendations from the first part of this tutorial. Dieting too aggressively from the outset can backfire on you.

Well, that concludes this tutorial on how to get rid of flabby arms. We wish you the best and make sure to drop us a line below if you have a question!

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