17 Slim Arm Misconceptions, Part 2

Credit: em16

Credit: em16

Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do in your quest for sexy and slim arms. And if you read part 1 of this article series you’re one step closer to not making the same mistakes uninformed women make over and over again.

So here are some more misconceptions that you need to be aware of when learning how to get sexy arms:

7. Resistance training decreases flexibility. It won’t, but sitting in a chair all day will! If anything, it will increase flexibility through increased capillary density, improved blood flow, etc. The one thing you do have to avoid, however,  is doing exercises through partial ranges of motion.

8. It’s ok to train a muscle if it’s sore. This can be argued both ways. I recommend, however, NOT to train a muscle if it’s sore. Although your muscles can adapt to high frequencies of training, your joints will last longer if you train with lower frequencies. Think of your joints as tires—they have a finite amount of use before they irreversibly wear out. Once they were out, you can never get them back.

9. Training will make you tired. Training will not make you tired, overtraining and imprecise nutrition will. Proper training should give you the following:

a. An enormous amount of energy through increased insulin sensitivity (i.e., more calories going towards active tissues—brain, organs, muscles).

b. A heightened activation of your sympathetic nervous system (i.e., your “awake” system).

c. The feeling that things you carry on a regular basis are much lighter (bags, boxes, groceries).

Do the following so that your training gives you an energy boost:

a. Keep workouts short, no longer than 45 minutes.

b. Eat something before working out.

c. Eat something right after working out.

d. Workout earlier in the day.

10. You should always be super sore from a workout. You don’t have to be sore after every single workout. And there will be times when your energy is low and you can’t push yourself hard enough to get sore. Having said that, you should strive to get at least some level of soreness from your training. The one exception here is during the first two weeks of working out for the first time or after a long break—you will most likely be super sore during this time period because it takes two weeks for your body to synthesize protein efficiently (i.e., recover quickly).

Learning how to get rid of flabby arms doesn’t have to be confusing and doesn’t have to include a steep learning curve. Many women give up on their sexy arm dreams because they’re following outdated advice. So make sure you don’t fall victim to the misconceptions I have outlined in this article!

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