How To Get Skinny Arms With Bars

how to get skinny arms with bars

Is it possible to figure out how to get skinny arms while eating a bunch of bars all day? Yes.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely not.

Once upon a time, before I knew much about nutrition, I was on a steady diet of bars. Why? Because I was so active and had such a volatile schedule that I didn’t have time to prepare regular food.

So I simply went to Wal-Mart and stocked up on loads of “healthy” bars every week. My coworkers began calling me the bar woman…

Because of my ultra-active lifestyle, I was able to get in incredible shape while eating a ridiculous amount of bars. Luckily for me, I was burning so many calories per day that I was going to get skinny arms no matter what I put into my body.

Now it’s impossible to plan and prepare every single meal with absolute certainty. There are going to be times when unexpected situations arise and you will NOT have access to healthy food.

Enter energy bars.

After all, having something go into your stomach is better than starving. Because starvation will not only disrupt your metabolism, but it will also mess up your insulin levels for hours on end.

So without further ado, here is how to manage your bar intake to get skinny arms:

  1. If the bars are high in sugar, consume half of your bar-meal when you get hungry and half at least 30 minutes later.
  2. Find bars that have whole grains as the first listed ingredient.
  3. Stay away from bars that have “dextrose”, “maltodextrin” or any type of syrup as the first listed ingredient.
  4. Make sure that fructose and sucrose (i.e., “cane juice”) are listed towards the end of the ingredient list.
  5. Do NOT assume that bars with honey, dates, cranberries, raisins or other dried fruit are healthy. Dried fruit is mostly fructose and/or sucrose.
  6. Ignore the marketing hype, dried fruit (usually promoted as healthy) does NOT have anywhere near the amount of nutrients fresh fruit has.
  7. Choose bars that have about 50% of their calories from whole grain sources, 25% from unsaturated fat and 25% from protein.
  8. Do NOT assume “organic” or “health” bars are healthy. Larabars, for instance, are loaded with sugar-laden dried fruit. Not good if you want to get skinny arms.
  9. If you see the following phrases in the ingredients list, “partially hydrogenated”, “shortening” or “vegetable shortening,” consider the bars to be poison. Trans fat poison…
  10. If the bar is too low in fat then have some nuts with it. Any type will do.
  11. If the bar is low in protein then have some soy nuts with it.
  12. Keep some bars stashed away in your purse, desk and glove compartment. Plan for the unforeseen.
  13. Only eat bars in emergency situations. Never starve.
  14. Consider Kashi TLC granola bars, they are one of the healthiest I have found on the market.

skinny arms with bars

Figuring out how to get skinny arms shouldn’t leave you with an empty stomach. And if you’re a busy woman like the majority of the population then bars can provide some assistance during times of hungry need. Now just because I was able to get thin arms while eating an insane amount of bars doesn’t mean that you should. After all, whole food with lots of vegetables will always trump any type of processed food when it comes to losing arm fat. So stick with what the female body was made to eat!

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