17 Slim Arm Misconceptions, Part 1

misconceptions on how to get slim arms

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Learning how to get sculpted arms can be extremely confusing. Why?

Because there are a multitude of myths that have women doing it all wrong. And the wrong approach will most likely lead to giving up.

So here are 17 misconceptions on how to get toned arms that you need to avoid:

1. Lifting weights is the only way to get slim and toned arms. While resistance training will get you the fastest results, it’s not the only way to reduce the size of your arms. Anytime you create a caloric deficit whether it be with increased activity, decreased calories, or both, you’ll get smaller. And the activity you choose could be anything: running, walking, hiking, swimming, etc. Remember, there are always multiple solutions to any given problem.

2. Bodybuilding and resistance training are the same thing. This is like saying that sprinting and marathon running are the same thing. And they are not. There are many different ways to do resistance training and each way will create a different change in your body. Bodybuilding is one form of resistance training. So please don’t assume that you’ll become a bodybuilder once you start lifting weights to thin up your arms.

3. You have to lift heavy weights. I’m a strong proponent of heavy weight lifting for fast results. However, if heavy weight lifting isn’t your thing then don’t do it! If you absolutely want to lift lighter weights with lots of repetitions then by all means proceed. After all, finding the most enjoyable (and sustainable) method overrides finding the most effective method.

4. Muscle turns to fat once you stop training. Can a lung turn into a kidney? Fat cells and muscle cells are completely different structures and one can’t turn into the other. What usually happens is that someone will stop exercising while not reducing the amount food they eat. If you drastically reduce activity levels then you must also reduce caloric intake or else weight gain is bound to happen.

5. Hunger is the same thing as appetite. Appetite is learned while hunger is biologically driven by the hypothalamus. If you stop exercising, you should naturally eat less, right? Well, not really because you have learned (appetite) to eat a certain amount of food. And although your body isn’t sending the signal to eat more food for basic biological functioning, you do eat more because that’s what you’ve become accustomed to psychologically. Take home point: some women need to unlearn how much food they need to eat.

6. Lost muscle is easier to regain. This is partly true. It all depends on how much time you take off. I’ve noticed from personal experience that once you go past the 3 month mark it’s almost like starting from scratch. So don’t think that “muscle memory” will save you from an ultra-long exercise break…

Stay away from the above misconceptions when learning how to get toned arms. After all, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. And too many women are spinning their wheels because of outdated beliefs. Even worse, some women never get started because they get the wrong impression from the wrong information.

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