How To Get Skinny Arms Fast: 17 Slim Arm Misconceptions, Part 3

How To Get Thin And Skinny Arms

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Are you trying to learn how to get skinny and sculpted arms?  Well, you might be spinning your wheels if you’re doing the wrong things.

So here are some more thin arm misconceptions that you have to avoid like a plague:

11. You’re too weak to lift weights. Nobody—except for those with a medical condition or injury—is too weak to lift. Almost every single gym has a wide assortment of ultra light dumbbells and thin resistance bands, so no excuses! And remember that EVERYBODY starts somewhere. If you seriously think you’re too weak to lift weights you may be committing a huge mistake: using others as a reference point. Do NOT compare yourself to other people.

12. An injury requires immobility. Just because you’re injured doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stay out of the gym. After all, many injuries are a result of disuse not overuse. Back pain because of weak abdominal muscles is a perfect example here. Having said that, always consult with a physical therapist or doctor before exercising if you feel the need to.

13. Aerobic exercise is better than weight training for getting sculpted arms. Who said you had to separate the two? Your heart rate should sky rocket when you go through your weight training routine. An effective weight training session should double as a cardio workout. If it doesn’t, please crank up the intensity!

14. It takes a long time to see arm-thinning results. This depends on a lot of things: exercise intensity, nutrition, stress, recovery, adherence, sleep debt, etc. The good news is that if you’re new to exercise, you can get some pretty dramatic results in a short amount of time. Why? Because your body has never dealt with exercise stress and will change very quickly to accommodate the new demands. A beginner will always get faster results than a seasoned veteran.

15. Weight training eventually leads to stretch marks. I have seen a fair share of weight training induced stretch marks. However, most of these cases were male beginners that ate everything under the sun while lifting heavy weights. Then end result? Lots of new muscle and lots of new fat. And skin can only stretch so much…

16. You need a gym membership to get in shape. If you’re trying to figure out how to get toned arms, a gym membership is not necessary. I prefer to exercise in a gym because I feed off of the energy from other people working towards similar goals and because I like to workout my arms with anatomical precision. However, I know many women who have gotten in excellent shape while exercising outdoors, in boot camps, in martial arts classes, etc. The key is to find the flavor you like best and stick with it.

17. It’s ok to start tomorrow. Nonsense! You have to start today! The most successful arm-toning women have the highest speeds of implementation. In other words, they act on new information fast. So don’t think about getting lean arms, just do it!

Learning how to get sculpted arms doesn’t have to be difficult. And if you avoid the aforementioned misconceptions it will be that much easier for you. After all, too many women are spinning their wheels because of outdated beliefs. So upgrade your knowledge base and get those sexy arms you deserve!

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Okay , I have fat and flabby arms !
And I really hate them , every year I wear a jacket all year long no matter how hot I am.
Soo this summer I need to make them really thin before august 27th .
Pleasee help me , what do I need to do to get thinner arms ? ! ?


Sleeveless in 7!

Hi Mia,

I strongly suggest you sign up for our free arm-toning course. There is far more information in there then I could possible type here! Just take action!

Warm regards,
Katherine Crawford


Nafisa Antara

I can’t say that I have really fat arms but they are flabby I wanna get it all tight for this summer.What do I do? (I weigh 82 pounds)


Sleeveless in 7!

Because your body weight is already low, I recommend really focusing on arm-toning exercises.



My arms are pretty flabby (plus I have that nasty looking armpit / underarm fat.
It won’t take ages to get results will it? Will it help get rid of underarm fat too?


Sleeveless in 7!

It depends on how much fat there is. And yes, underarm fat should decrease!


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