How to Lose Arm Fat With the Internet Without Being Scammed

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Websites with the alleged answers on how to lose arm fat litter the entire internet like a mind field. Finding an effective arm-toning program can be harder than finding a needle in a hay stack.

And even worse, once you think you’ve finally found that needle, your arms could end up looking flabbier than before. This will put the nail in your arm-toning coffin because your will power to try yet again will be zero. Sad, but true.

So how do you prevent the vultures from using your insecurity to feed on your purse?

Before making your purse any lighter for an internet program that promises the secrets on how to lose arm fat, you have to look out for the following:

  • The claim that overall weight loss is the solution. According to Prevention Magazine’s Doctors Book for Women:

“Weight loss is generally not the most effective way to beat underarm flab, since no one can predict whether the fat will be taken from your hips, thighs, abdomen or under your arms. Even normal weight or underweight women can have flabby arms… weight loss can actually make underarm sag even worse.”

Basically, these websites only focus on the weight loss issue and ignore other critical elements. The end result? Once you click submit payment, you’ll get flooded with multiple eBooks, diet calculators, audio programs, and more. You won’t even know where to start! Learning how to lose arm fat is NOT this complicated.

  • Testimonials with hard to compare before and after pictures. If it’s not crystal clear that the same person is in the before and after picture then it’s someone else. You can pay $3 to some one in India to modify any digital picture in any way. Legitimate before and after pictures will clearly show the persons face from the same angle, have a neutral background, cover most of the body, and not have obscuring shadows. If the pictures don’t meet the above criteria, avoid looking twice.
  • The author listing a laundry list of fitness credentials. Don’t confuse a laundry list with legitimate expertise. Fitness or personal trainer certifications are a joke. Seriously. Anybody can get one over a weekend. A couple years ago, I passed the most “prestigious” personal trainer certification in two weeks. A bachelor’s degree won’t do either. Even at the bachelors level, there is little exposure to in-the-trenches experience. Instead, look for a source that has both education and hands on experience.
  • Being “stocking stuffed” when you try to make the purchase. If the site offers multiple “one-time-offer” eBooks, calculators, and audio programs and tries to upgrade you to gold, premium or platinum packages when finalizing the purchase… close your browser! This is an all too common marketing tactic that creates the illusion of getting more for your money. So many women fall for this—don’t be another victim.
  • Claims of ridiculous discounts. If the site claims to be giving you an insane one-time discount from $547 to $77, for example, then you should go elsewhere. This is a huge red flag and you will most likely get a very low quality product. If it’s too good to be true, then it is!

Don’t let your desperation for learning how to lose arm fat allow you to fall for the lower quality products. There are hidden gems on the internet, and now you are one step closer to finding them!

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