4 Things You MUST Focus on When Learning How to Lose Arm Fat

how to lose arm fat by focusing on 4 areas

The first step in learning how to lose arm fat, is to understand the 5 major arm muscles. There is absolutely no way around this. That’s the truth.

I know what you’re thinking… “But I don’t want manly arms!” you cry.

You have nothing to worry about! Before you get all bent out of shape, let me explain. The female body simply does not have enough testosterone (a muscle-building hormone) to produce “manly” arms. Keep in mind that the male body produces 40-60 times more testosterone than the female body. This huge difference will always keep your arms from developing into big boys—no pun intended.

And make sure to ignore the images of professional female bodybuilders. You will never look like them, trust me. You see, they train 3-4 hours a day AND inject themselves with male hormones. I’ve had so many female clients resist doing weight training because they fear looking like one of these shemans.

So what should you focus on to get toned arms?

  • Triceps. This set of 3 muscles makes up 60% of your arm. Make sure to do exercises that target the long, lateral and medial head of the triceps. One great exercise for the long head is overhead extensions with a rope attached to a pulley.
  • Biceps. This set of 2 muscles makes up 40% of your arm. Make sure to do exercises that target the long and short head of the biceps. A killer biceps exercise is high pulley curls.
  • Nutrition. Do NOT follow any restrictive diets. Once you stop the diet, you’ll gain the weight back and your arms will balloon up even bigger than before. The key is not to focus on how much you eat, but on what you eat. If you focus on the what of eating, the how much will naturally decrease—and you won’t even feel it! The easiest (and most effective) way to do this is to assemble each meal with a protein, carbohydrate, fat and vegetable source. The best protein sources are wild king salmon, extra firm tofu, sardines and oysters.
  • Water. Only 25% of your arm is muscle, the other 75% is water. If you think exercise is the only key, then you could miss out on other ways to tone your arms! The trick is to drink more water to retain less water in your arms. Make sure you stick to distilled or purified water.

Learning how to lose arm fat does not have to give you a mental hernia. It’s much easier than you think. The secret is to work smarter, not harder. And now you know that exercise will not make your arms grow to manly proportions. If you focus on the above areas you can get rid of your flabby arms much faster than most women.

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i weight 142 but i been eating more then now i think to my self nooo eat right so how can i lose that weight into 90 but its impossible i gusssr but after 5 weeks i losed alot of weight on my arm thanks to you


Sleeveless in 7!

Glad you were able to get results!


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