How To Protect Your Body (And Arms) From Low-Carb Dieting

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Although low-carb dieting is not the optimal way to lose body fat and flabby arms, I understand that many women are going to use this approach regardless.

The amount of weight you can lose-although most of it is water-is simply too enticing for some women to resist.

So here are some ways to protect your body from low-carb dieting:

1. Don’t completely eliminate carbs: You can eat some carbs while still getting all the benefits of low-carb dieting. But if you decide to simply block out this food group you will eventually go into ketosis. And ketosis is not fun. Your breath will become metallic, your muscles will burn when you exercise, you will not be able to recover properly and your mood will deteriorate.

2. Always have at least some carbs for breakfast: Your top priority right after waking up is getting your body out of the starved state. A state where cortisol is burning through your precious calorie-burning muscle. And the best way to do this is with carbs.

Moreover, carbs you eat during this time will go to your active tissues, not your fat cells.

3. Avoid saturated fat from animals: There has been a recent push towards Paleolithic-like diets which include ample consumption of fatty animal meat. The bottom line here is that there is an overwhelming body of peer reviewed research showing that this type of fat is harmful for the human body.

So stick with lean sources of protein and add in healthy fats.

4. Avoid going overboard with supplemental protein: Just like carbohydrates, your body works best with slow digesting protein. And solid food will digest much slower than any type of protein shake. Even better, you will feel more satiated with solid food sitting in your stomach.

So save your money and stick with natural sources of protein.

5. Have some calcium: For each extra gram of protein you eat that is above and beyond what your body needs, one and a half grams of stored calcium gets excreted. So it’s probably a prudent decision to supplement with a low dose calcium supplement when you are going low-carb and high protein.

Although we don’t recommend low-carb dieting, you can avoid a lot of the potential side effects by following the tips in this article. So make sure you plan ahead before taking the plunge!

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