How To Reduce Arm Fat By Spending More Time In Bed, Part 2

Credit: Gabriela Camerotti

I have a confession to make: getting a good night’s sleep has been an ongoing battle for me. It seems as though I have inherited some really bad sleep genes since sleep apnea and insomnia run in both sides of my family.

Good sleep is my real-life Achilles heel.

So here are some more sleep techniques that I have picked up over the years that will help you tone your arms:

1. Caloric intake oscillation. In a nutshell, you should try to reduce caloric intake as the day progresses with your last meal being the smallest. This reduction in caloric intake will help your body naturally shut down since a decrease in calories slows down your metabolism.

2. Exercise as early as you can. Not only will you burn more calories during the day, but you will also get more restful sleep at night. You see, as the day progresses, the accumulation of adenosine in your brain causes you to get sleepy. Exercising earlier in the day speeds up this process.

3. Reduce caffeine as much as possible. You should try this even if you don’t feel wired with your current intake. The tricky thing with caffeine is that it can decrease quality of sleep without you being consciously aware of its action.

4. Avoid massive stress spikes. Even if you feel like the stress is long gone by the time you go to bed, your overactive neural networks can still disrupt your sleep. So do the best you can to avoid major stressors during the day.

5. Avoid extreme inactivity. Early exercise can help you sleep better at night, but extreme inactivity can slow down the accumulation of adenosine leaving you awake at night. The key here is to have some type of physical activity engrained in your daily routine to prevent this from happening.

6. Pay attention to snoring. If you snore at night, you may have sleep apnea—a condition that interrupts the natural flow of oxygen into your lungs. This lack of oxygen could force your body into having 200 micro awakenings per night with the normal amount being around 15. I strongly suggest that you seek a sleep test if you suspect sleep apnea.

Trying to reduce arm fat while simultaneously suffering from sleep deprivation is extremely difficult. And in extreme cases, can be very unhealthy. So start experimenting with these techniques today so that you can get the restful sleep you deserve tonight.

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