How To Win The War Against A Food Addiction

food addiction

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It’s virtually impossible to get in shape if a food addiction has a tight grip on your eating patterns – and even harder to tone your arms.

The issue here is that a strong food addiction can change your brain the same way that drugs do. In fact, sugar is used as an analgesic in infants undergoing surgery.

On the bright side, there are some steps you can take to beat the addiction.

So here are 6 action items so that you can start winning the war:

1. Manipulate your environment: Relying on self-control and will power is a big mistake here. Why even give yourself the chance to make a decision in the first place? You see, if the offending food is not available to you, then there is no room for decision making-there is nothing present to be decided upon.

2. Create the majority of your caloric deficit with exercise, not food elimination: Your body does a better job at sensing caloric deficits from food than it does from exercise. In other words, a 500 calorie deficit from exercise won’t create as much hunger as a 500 calorie deficit from eating less food.

Thus, a great strategy to avoid throwing in the towel and bingeing is to use exercise as your main tool for creating your caloric deficit-your body won’t sense the reduction as well.

3. Use natural stimulants when you feel like you’re about to give in: There is nothing wrong with using nature’s gifts in times of need. Specifically, you want to use loose leaf teas like yerba mate or dragon well green tea to help appease the addiction.

In this case, you are replacing one pleasurable stimulus (dopamine response from food) with a less harmful stimulus (adrenal rush from tea).

Just make sure that you don’t abuse loose leaf teas or else you will build a tolerance to their effect.

4. Have artificial sweeteners if your sweet tooth is driving you crazy: The good news here is that artificial sweeteners have come a very long ways over the years. In fact, it’s very hard to tell the difference between a good artificial sweetener and sugar.

The bad news is that we don’t know if long term use of artificial sweeteners is safe. To stay on the safe side, have no more than a couple servings per day. And watch out here because a lot of processed and “diet” foods already come loaded with combinations of sweeteners.

5. Address the negative emotional hole that you are filling up with food: More often than not, a food addiction can be traced back to a negative emotional hole in a woman’s life. And if you figure out how to deal with the emotional drain, you will have a much better chance at beating the addiction.

You see, by fixing your issue you will uncouple your eating from your emotions.

6. Seek a competent professional if you can’t do this on your own: A huge body of evidence has clearly shown that a multi-tiered approach to food addictions is extremely effective. And the more you wait the harder it will become to win.

You deserve complete health now, not later! So make sure you take action on this advice today if you are suffering from a food addiction!

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