Mini-Steps Towards More Arm Fat Loss And Better Health

arm fatSometimes doing too much at once leads to overwhelm and subsequent failure.

So here are some mini-steps you can implement today to get on the right path:

1. Take a ten minute walk: This will lubricate your joints, accelerate recovery from exercise, help you burn some extra calories and make your heart healthier. Just because you don’t sweat doesn’t mean you don’t get a benefit here.

2. Move things around your house: Don’t leave that to-do list unchecked. The simple act of moving things around can increase glut-4 transporters in your muscles and help tone everything up.

3. Eat one extra vegetable per day: Not only are they good for your brain and your bowels, but vegetables also help stave off hunger. Even better, they normalize blood sugar.

4. Make breakfast big: Skimp on breakfast and you’ll mess up insulin/sugar levels for the rest of the day. Even worse, have only coffee and you’ll burn through precious calorie-burning muscle.

5. Don’t drink calories: Any liquid with calories in it will set back your goal to get in shape. So avoid drinking calories at all costs.

6. Eat some nuts: Don’t go overboard here because nuts do have a lot of calories, but consistently eating controlled portions of nuts will increase your overall health.

7. Wash your hands often: Although simple, keep in mind that a single bout of flu can prevent you from exercising for days on end. So make sure you rid your body of as many germs as possible.

8. Practice gratitude training: The mind has direct control over the body. A negative mental state will increase cortisol, decrease fat-burning hormone production, increase blood sugar and increase blood pressure. So make sure you set aside some time each day to practice gratitude training.

If you feel overwhelmed, start implementing the above mini-steps to get some forward momentum. Then, you can start adding more substantial changes to your routine.

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