Often Overlooked Areas Of Exercise Enhancement

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The best way to tone up your arms is with intense exercise. It’s simply too difficult to get the best results with diet alone.

Even more compelling is that caloric deficits created from diet alone induce more hunger than caloric deficits created from exercise. And recall that you have to be in a negative caloric balance in order to lose arm fat.

So, here are some overlooked areas that can enhance your results from exercise:

1. The rest and recovery stage: Paradoxically, the majority of favorable changes happen outside of your workouts. So if you aren’t resting and recovering properly, you will get a minimal return on your time invested in the gym. Here are two biggest mistakes women make in between workouts:

a. Not resting enough.

b. Not incorporating enough non-exercise activity.

2. Traditional muscle-building parameters: There is simply no other form of exercise that can increase your metabolism and change the way your body looks the way muscle building does. And please keep in mind that the muscle building process is very slow, and the female body does not have the right hormonal or structural profile to get “big.”

Moreover, most women shrink while slowly building muscle because of the enhanced fat loss.

3. Postural imbalance correction: Exercising with a postural imbalance is like driving a car with tires that are out of alignment, eventually something is going to give in. Thus, if you want to extend your body’s exercise warranty and if you want to exercise at the highest level possible, you have to address all postural imbalances before they become something serious.

Final advice: have a fitness professional or even better, a physical therapist, take a look at your posture.

4. Shoulder mobility and stabilization: If you work from a desk all day it’s highly likely that you have forward slouching shoulders. The problem with this is that it decreases the amount of space your rotator cuff tendons have for movement. If left unchecked, you could tear a rotator cuff tendon.

The best way to prevent this is to have your workstation ergonomically setup and to do more pulling versus pushing in your workouts.

5. Deep spinal stabilization: Your lower back has muscles that help it move and muscles that help it remain stable. Most exercises women do in the gym focus on the movement part. These are the garden variety crunches and sit-ups.

However, if you have lower back issues and focus on movement before stabilization, you could create additional damage. So make sure you do stabilizing exercises like planks and bird dogs before moving onto standard movement exercises.

Anything you can do to enhance the effectiveness of your arm workouts will bring you a couple steps closer to getting the body you want and deserve. So try to incorporate the above tips in your routine as soon as you get a chance!

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