Random Facts About Sexy-Arm Nutrition

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There are fortunes to be made in the world of diets and pills. And as a result, there is an overload of available programs, strategies and supplements.

For the average consumer that doesn’t have a PhD in nutrition, however, it can be virtually impossible to sift through all the hype to extract the kernels of truth.

So here is a random collection of facts about sexy-arm nutrition that can make a huge difference:

1. As carbohydrate intake goes up, lean muscle tissue breakdown goes down: Put differently, if you don’t have enough carbohydrates in your diet you are going to burn through excess muscle. And recall that muscle burns a lot of calories, even while you are resting.

2. A decrease in glycogen stores causes a decrease in calories-burned from exercise: Glycogen is the stored form of carbohydrates that your muscles use to produce work during exercise. Thus, if your muscle glycogen is low, you will not be able to exercise at maximum intensities. And recall that intense exercise is the best way to burn extra calories outside of your workouts.

3. Weight loss takes place independent of macronutrient ratios: This means that you can lose weight no matter what combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat is in your diet. The overriding factor here is whether or not you are in a negative caloric state. Having said that, in order to maximize fat loss and minimize lethargy, you want to have balance in your diet.

4. A 1200-calorie intake will force any woman to lose weight: With the exception of extreme outliers, it’s virtually impossible for a woman to not lose weight if she’s eating only 1200 calories. This fact holds true because no one has a basal metabolic rate (amount of calories you burn in 24-hours while not moving) that is less than 1200 calories.

5. You can experience muscle and strength gains while in a negative caloric state: This means you can lose fat while simultaneously increasing lean and tight muscle mass. In other words, you aren’t doomed to a skinny, weak and flaccid body while restricting calories.

6. Hypnosis has not been proven effective by peer-reviewed research: There has been a surge in hypnosis products in the market. However, there hasn’t been a single peer-reviewed randomized trial (the gold standard) proving its effectiveness. You are far better off saving your money here!

It can be hard to sift through all the misinformation out there. And hopefully this article can help you sift things out just a little bit better so that you can get the toned arms you deserve!

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