The Dangers Of Having An Irregular Schedule When Trying To Get Your Body (And Arms) In Shape

circadian rhythms and arm toning

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Irregular schedules lead to irregular circadian rhythms. And an irregular circadian rhythm can have a negative impact on every single system in your body. In a nutshell, having an out of sync rhythm can make getting in shape virtually impossible – including your efforts to tone up your arms.

But it gets even worse because studies have shown that haphazard rhythms can actually decrease your length of life.

Specifically, here is what can happen when your schedule is constantly off kilter:

1. A decrease in body heat: Elevated body heat is a primary indicator of arm fat loss. In fact, seasoned fitness professionals can tell that they are losing fat just by how “hot” they feel. Unfortunately, a poorly entrained circadian rhythm decreases your body temperature.

2. Worsened blood pressure levels: High blood pressure ages your arteries and negatively affects circulation, not good if you want to stay healthy. And good circulation is essential for the best fat loss.

3. A slower metabolism: Your metabolism is basically the sum of chemical reactions that keep you alive. Thus, a faster metabolism means you are burning more calories. And intense training with weights is the best way to amplify this effect.

4. Decreased insulin sensitivity: Extremely small increases in insulin can create a huge decrease in fat burning. Your body is very sensitive to levels of blood sugar and by extension, insulin. And if your cells are less sensitive to insulin, your body has to produce more of it for normal functioning.

5. Altered hunger signals: While controlling total caloric intake is vital for fat loss, altered hormonal profiles can destroy your efforts no matter how well you monitor food intake. And hunger hormones are no exception here.

Ideally, you want there to be a good balance between how many calories you eat and how hungry you get. A crazy schedule disrupts this balance.

6. Less stage 4 sleep: Arguably, deep sleep is the most important aspect of ANY fitness program because it has such a strong influence on recovery. The better you recover, the more you can exercise. And the more you can exercise the faster you’ll get in shape.

Having an out of control schedule is no way to live. Not only will it decrease your quality and length of life, but it will make it very difficult to get in shape. So take control today and start living life on your own terms.

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