Tips For Pain-Free Hands When Doing Arm Exercises

hand painYour hands perform countless tasks every single day. And having pain in your hands will not only limit quality of life, but it will also limit how much exercise you can do to lose arm fat.

Unfortunately, this pain can be quite severe because of the extremely complex and intricate architecture of your hands. They have a complex web of tendons, joints, ligaments, nerves and bones.

And each one of these is prone to injury and pain.

Arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome are the most common sources of pain. So in this article, we’ll provide some tips on how to mitigate pain in your hands:

1. Keep your wrists in a neutral position: If you spend any time at a computer, it’s critical that your wrists remain aligned with your forearms. Any upward, downward, or even excessive side-to-side movement can cause pain and inflammation.

2. Take breaks when working: About every hour take a short break and stretch everything out. Pain and inflammation result from repetitive motions. Breaking the cycle will allow you to work longer with less pain.

3. Don’t rely on “ergonomic” keyboards or other peripherals: There is a lack of convincing, peer-reviewed research that shows benefit from “ergonomic” peripherals like split keyboards. Your best bet is to make sure everything is neutrally aligned when working.

4. Make sure your forearms are parallel to the floor and your elbows are bent at ninety degrees: This will prevent wrist pain and forearm aches. It prevents your joints from having to deal with excessive and repetitive movement. Joints are at their strongest when everything is neutrally aligned.

5. Start with slow movements: The more you move, the more synovial fluid will be released into your joints. This fluid acts as a natural lubricant and will reduce pain. So start with slow, tai-chi-like movements before your arm workouts.

6. Supplement with glucosamine: There is a good body of research showing benefit from glucosamine, but anecdotal reports demonstrate that results vary among women. So we recommend trying a reputable brand’s product to assess individual efficacy.

Having pain in your hands when trying to do arm exercises for women is not fun. So implement the tips in this article to reduce the pain and get closer to your toned arm goal!

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