20 Things You Should NOT Be Doing When Reducing Fat Arms, Part 3

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15. Assuming that being thin is the end all be all to health. It’s not just about the fat underneath your skin when trying to tone your arms, it’s also about the fat in your arteries and organs. I’ve seen multiple case studies of ultra-thin women who have undergone quadruple bypass surgeries. Why? Because their saturated fat and processed carbohydrate intake was so high that their arteries became clogged with plaque. Atherosclerosis does not discriminate. Even if you are thin and want to tone your arms, you still have to eat clean.

16. Assuming insulin resistance is only caused by high sugar/simple carbohydrate intakes. Although simple carbs have the biggest impact on insulin, a high protein intake (greater than 30% of total calories) and/or a high saturated fat intake (greater than 10% of total calories) can also cause insulin resistance. And insulin resistance is enemy number one when trying to tone arms because it shuffles calories towards jiggly arm fat.

17. Eating more than 30% of total calories as protein. In addition to insulin resistance, excessive protein intakes put you at risk for a whole host of other problems. Gout, excess urinary calcium excretion, and acidosis are just a few. Even worse, a super high protein intake with little carbs will drain you of energy and put you in a very bad mood. Your brain needs carbs to produce serotonin, the feel good hormone. Just hang around a fitness professional that is on an extreme low carb diet and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

18. Assuming it’s optimal (and healthy) to eat whole grains when you are sedentary. Whole grain bread, whole grain pasta and whole grain cereal are definitely better than their processed counterparts. HOWEVER, if you are extremely sedentary (i.e., desk job) then eating these starches is NOT optimal. You should only consume them around the time periods when you are active. Otherwise, stick to legumes and vegetables ONLY if you want the fastest arm toning results.

19. Assuming supplements are safe. Just because the supplement has some certification on the bottle and is on the store’s shelf does NOT mean it’s safe. In 1994 congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. This basically deregulated the supplement industry. Any body can put anything in a bottle and sell it as a supplement. Said supplement will only be removed from the market once people get hurt and it’s proven that it’s unsafe. Thus, we are the guinea pigs…

20. Never go more than 5 hours between meals. To tone arms ASAP, you should eat every 3 hours. However, 5 hours is the maximum amount of time you should let go by between meals. After the 5 hour mark, you body will start to eat muscle tissue for energy. And less muscle tissue translates into a slower metabolism.

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