How To Lose Flabby Upper Arms Without Doing Any Exercise, Part 3

tone flabby arms no exerciseBy now, after reading my first two articles in this series, you should be able to “spontaneously” tone flabby arms without exercise. Ok, maybe not just yet. But after reading this article, you’ll be one more step closer.

And if your memory is a little rusty, recall that “spontaneous” fat loss is the most effortless way to lose fat. One reason it’s so effortless is because there are no conscious restrictions on how much you can eat. You simply manipulate your environment, the tools you use to eat and your eating style.

Do the above, and the arm fat will magically melt away.

So without further delay, here are 4 more steps you can take today to tone flabby arms without breaking your back:

1. Eat foods with labels from undesirable places. The same bottle of wine with a fake North Dakota label instead of a California label, motivated people to eat 500 fewer calories at dinner. And they also spent less time eating. So if you choose food with labels from undesirable places or if you label food as coming from undesirable places, you’ll unconsciously end up eating less. Now this one takes a little more creativity, but it’s worth giving it a shot! Disclaimer: I do not think North Dakota is an undesirable place, it’s simply perceived as undesirable by the public in terms of wine production.

2. Eat low glycemic index carbohydrates. Great sources of low GI carbs are whole grains, legumes and vegetables. These are your best friends. Studies have shown that obese teenage boys will eat 1384 calories a couple hours after a high glycemic meal versus 763 calories after a low glycemic meal. This is due to the massive hunger that comes after eating fast digesting (high glycemic) carbohydrates. So what you eat is just as important as how much you eat.

3. Eat a salad before your meal. Eating a salad (1.5-3 cups) before a meal has been shown to result in 100 fewer calories being consumed. That’s right, all you have to do is eat a salad before your meals and you will automatically eat less. The key here is to use a low-calorie dressing or else the calorie count could skyrocket.

4. Eat unsaturated fat instead of saturated fat. One study showed that restaurant goers who were given olive oil (unsaturated fat) instead of butter (saturated fat) ate 200 fewer calories in the meal overall. This is most likely due to the “feel full” hormonal response that olive oil produces that butter does not. As an added bonus, unsaturated fats also provide many other benefits that will seriously help your sexy arm mission.

You have officially become a spontaneous fat loss expert. After reading this article series you can now tone flabby arms without spending hours on the elliptical or hours in the gym. It’s like magic. Just make sure that you take action on this information today and not tomorrow. Because tomorrow usually never comes. Good luck!

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