How To Tone Flabby Arms With Fruit (Not Juice!), Part 1

Credit: .craig

Credit: .craig

You’ve been led to believe that juice is healthy. Late night infomercials are relentless in selling you the next best juicer. But if you want to tone your arms, juice is the LAST thing you should be having.

In fact, having more than 12 oz of fruit juice per day is directly correlated to OBESITY in young people.

Why? Because juice has a lot of sugar. And sugar causes levels of insulin to rise which completely shuts off arm-fat burning. Even worse, fructose, the type of sugar in fruit juice, causes your liver to produce fatty acids and cholesterol. Not good.

Add to this the fact that most juice does NOT have any pulp or peel—the two things that provide most of the nutrients.

What’s so special about that peel you ask?

  1. Most of the reduction in cancer risk from eating apples comes from the high phytonutrient content of their peels.
  2. Pear peel has a much greater effect on blood cholesterol than fruit alone.
  3. Apple peels have 200% more antioxidant capacity than just fruit.
  4. Pomegranate, guava, quince and kiwi peels are also higher in antioxidant capacity.
  5. Some researchers have suggested that orange peels could potentially have pharmacological applications.
  6. Potato peel increases liver health and reduces risk of diabetes. Diabetes is an extreme form of insulin resistance, a huge barrier if you want to tone flabby arms.
  7. There are 56 times more dopamine in banana peel versus fruit. Dopamine is just as strong as glutathione, the granddaddy of antioxidants.

Now does this mean you should go on a peel-eating binge? Absolutely not. I have tried doing this and it’s not fun. Pineapples, for example, have the worst tasting peel you could imagine. They are extremely bitter and tough. Keep in mind that peels are the MOST fibrous parts of a fruit. A much more sustainable (and realistic) approach is to eat the whole fruit, and when possible, eat the peel as well.

And here are 6 tips on how to manage your fruit intake to tone flabby arms:

  1. Have the majority of your fruit during breakfast. This will allow you to get all health benefits while minimizing the negative impact of fructose on arm fat gain.
  2. Darker is better. The antioxidants in fruit have varied concentrations of electrons which absorb lots of light. Thus, darker fruits with richer color are healthier.
  3. Go for fresh fruits with the least amount of processing. Dried fruit, for example, is loaded with unhealthy preservatives and only has 1/10 of the original nutrients.
  4. Don’t store fruit for too long. Storing fruit for 14 days can completely destroy ALL vitamin C. Storing fruit for 28 days can destroy ALL left over nutrients.
  5. Avoid pasteurization. Pasteurized passion fruit juice has 25% less nutrients.
  6. Eat fruit in its original form. Raisins, for instance, only have 1/10 the nutrient content of the grapes they come from.

You may be wondering how eating the healthiest fruit will help you tone flabby arms. Well, first, the healthiest fruit generally has the most fiber which keeps insulin low. Second, the fruit highest in antioxidants and phytonutrients will help you recover quicker from arm workouts (an often overlooked benefit) and will prevent you from getting sick. Third, fresh fruit doesn’t contain preservatives and other additives which can mess up arm fat metabolism in your body. And finally, the healthiest fruit tastes the best!

Unfortunately, the food industry would have you believe that their processed concoctions are healthy. So much marketing and hype goes into promoting the unhealthy as healthy. How could things ever get more confusing? And if you buy into this BS, it will be very hard to get toned arms. So stick to the facts and don’t miss part 2 of this article in which I’ll show you how to manage fruit juice intake. Until then!

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