How To Lose Flabby Upper Arms Without Doing Any Exercise, Part 2

how to tone up your arms without exercise

If you read my first article in this series, you know that it’s possible to tone up your arms without any exercise. The secret is to enter the “spontaneous” fat loss zone.

And in this second article, I am going to reveal some more spontaneous sexy arm strategies that are based upon some crazy findings by Brian Wansink of Cornell University. Once you get through this article series, you’ll be an effortless arm-toning expert!

So without further ado, here are 4 more steps you can take today to get sculpted arms without any exercise:

1. Keep junk food in areas that are not convenient or visible. People eat 300% more candy when it is convenient and visible. In this case, convenient and visible would be considered as something that’s at arms’ reach from your desk, for instance. So if you keep the bad food at a distance, you are much less likely to eat it. On the flip side, strive to keep healthy food in areas that are convenient and visible. What type of results would you get if you ate 300% more healthy arm-fat melting food?

2. Use smaller eating implements (plates, bowls, utensils, glasses). Wansink showed that people unknowingly eat 50% more ice cream when using larger bowls and larger spoons. Why? Because the scoops of ice cream look smaller next to the big spoons and bowls! In this case, it’s all about perception overriding our “feel full” signal. Use small implements to eat small amounts, and you won’t even notice it…

3. Use tall thin glasses when drinking calories. If you absolutely have to have some juice, soda or other form of liquid calories, make sure you use tall thin glasses. When using short wide glasses, people pour 20-30% more without realizing it in comparison to tall thin glasses. Again, it’s all about perception because the same amount of liquid looks smaller in a short wide glass so people poor more. Conversely, when drinking water (or any other healthy liquid) use short wide glasses.

4. When eating buffet-style use the same plate. We eat 25% more at a buffet-style restaurant where tables are constantly cleared. Why? Because as the used plates are taken away we forget how much we have eaten and keep on eating more and more until we burst. Ok, maybe we don’t burst, but some of us can come pretty close! So make sure to use the same plate over and over again when treating yourself to a buffet. And if you want to take it to the next level, have a big salad with olive oil before going all out. Your arms will thank you for it.

Alright, now you have some more strategies that will help you win the arm-toning war without breaking a sweat. Who would of thought that you could get rid of the jiggle without lifting a weight or jumping on a treadmill? Well, life doesn’t have to be so darn hard. So don’t miss my next article in this series to make life even easier!

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Perception seems to be the common theme in this article. I think that this is a good form of portion control that when used will effectively help people reduce their calorie intake.


Sleeveless in 7!

Hi Pam,

Indeed, it’s all about perception. The classic difference between hunger (physiological need to eat) and appetite (psychological desire to eat).

The latter can be manipulated with these tactics.

Warm regards,
Katherine Crawford


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