How To Tone Flabby Arms With Fruit (Not Juice!), Part 2

How To Tone Up Arms With Fruit

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What’s the best way to tone your arms? The food industry would have you think that the answer to this question lies in drinking all their “healthy” fruit juices. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, drinking all their processed concoctions can make your arms blow up bigger than ever. Seriously.

Having said that, there are ways to tweak your juice intake so that there is minimal arm fat gain, if any. Moreover, doing this the right way can actually boost your health and enhance recovery from arm workouts.

So what’s the big deal with drinking regular fruit juice and getting arm tone? Well, fruit juice is basically liquid sugar. And sugar is arm fat burning enemy number one. Period.

The good news is that research can point us in the right direction:

  1. Cloudy apple juice has 500% more nutrients than clear apple juice.
  2. Industrially processed juice is treated with enzymes and gelatins which reduce antioxidant levels to 10% of their original quantity.
  3. Clarification (i.e., gelatin fining) can singlehandedly reduce nutrient content by half.
  4. Darker colored juice has 200% more phytonutrients versus lighter colored juice from the same fruit.
  5. Processing can eliminate almost ALL nutrients in juice.
  6. Heat treatment can destroy some of the healthiest enzymes in juice.
  7. Frozen juice has a much lower nutrient content than fresh juice.

What are the take home points? Avoid ALL processed juice and stick to natural, dark colored juice.

Here are 11 tips to manage your fruit juice intake so you can tone your arms faster:

  1. Never drink juice when you are thirsty, use water.
  2. Buy juice with as much pulp as possible.
  3. Only buy 100% fruit juice without ANY type of processing—ignore the bogus health claims on the label.
  4. Always shake the container of juice you are about to drink from so that all the pulp mixes up.
  5. Try to get the darkest colored juice.
  6. Think of juice as a dessert.
  7. You should never drink juice because you think it’s “healthy”, it’s not.
  8. Water down your juice as much as possible so that you get “just enough” taste to satisfy your fructose tooth.
  9. Blend your juice with ice cubes a la smoothie so that a good portion of what you are consuming is water.
  10. Try to eat fresh fruit instead of drinking juice.
  11. Don’t obsess over all the details in this article!

The pressures of natural selection that plants go through, drive them to produce fruits with the highest nutrient value. On the other hand, the pressures of profitability that food manufacturers go through, drive them to produce food at the lowest cost, irrespective of nutrient value. So what should you do if you want to get sexy and sculpted arms? Ignore all the marketing jargon and stick to natural, unprocessed fruit in moderation.

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‘Darker colored juice has 200% more phytonutrients versus lighter colored juice from the same fruit.’

Maybe a good example for the above point is Ribena which is slightly darker in colour compared to orange juice.


Sleeveless in 7!

Sounds interesting, I’m not familiar with Ribena.

Do you have any more information on it?

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