Why Being Ultra-Thin Isn’t The End All Be All

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You have probably heard this before: the media is constantly pumping out images of ultra-thin models that don’t represent what a healthy woman should look like. And there is a lot of truth behind this statement because said images are almost always altered and the models adopt some extreme diets to get so thin.

Unfortunately, once you are exposed to these images again and again you will begin to view them as “normal” even though you know they are not. It’s all about desensitization.

So here is here is why being ultra-thin isn’t the end all be all:

1. Body fat is stored in many places: Just because someone doesn’t have a lot of fat under their skin doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot of fat inside their arteries. In fact, I have seen countless case studies of thin women who have to undergo triple bypass surgeries because their arteries are clogged with fat.

2. You can lose a lot of muscle: Especially if you get thin with diet alone. And recall that once the muscle goes your metabolism drops. Once your metabolism drops you have to eat less and less calories to maintain weight loss.

3. Your bones can become dangerously brittle: This is an even greater concern if you didn’t exercise regularly before the age of thirty. The best way to prevent this from happening is to start resistance training ASAP. And never try to lose a massive amount of weight in the absence of resistance training.

4. Poor hormonal output: As you get leaner, your entire endocrine system will get better at producing hormones that burn fat and build lean muscle. But if you get thin while NOT preserving your muscle, the opposite will happen and hormonal output will go down.

5. Your joints may have to absorb too much force: Muscle surrounds a joint and provides shock absorption and support. In the absence of sufficient muscle mass, your joints have to take on greater loads. And recall that joints are like tires, once they wear out they are gone for good.

There is nothing wrong with being thin. What matters is the approach you use to get thin and tone your arms. So make sure you don’t sacrifice your health to get the body you want!

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